The Burning of Notre Dame Cathedral
Jo Ann Harris

The rebuilding Of Notre Dame

In my dreams I want Notre Dame to be rebuilt exactly as before but with some new art. Old art that is quirky or that tells a story can be copied and put back.
When I think of my local cathedral in Exeter I remember the sleeping dogs that the old carver put around; the lady in marble with two left feet; the funny wooden door with a hole in the bottom said to be the origin of the rhyme Hickory dickory dock; The strange medieval faces with a cloth round;
The grimaces and the stares; The devils and the saints.
It must be paid for by donations. By those who want to show off and those small payments of love.
Of course timber and stone as the medium like Iambic pentameter is for writing. These are the constraints from which originality can grow.
In a way we have too much record. I believe there are records of every inch.
It is so sad that nothing can be left to be recreated for the modern mind.

I do like the idea of freedom in art but also maybe a Citroen deux cheveux. the face of Einstein, Marilyn Munroe and Luke Skywalker. There is so much to choose from.

Although the destruction hurts, it also fires us up to focus on destiny itself.
So many walk past without time to stop. The fire awakes something in us we have neglected too long.