Yacht Master DAO

Economy model

Business side

Even though main income source will be charters, by being pioneers in an industry not touched by crypto yet, participating in regattas, sailing schools, expos, events and creating brand awareness will increase the value of our product.

Crypto side

A currency backed by physical asset that will give a feel of safety to holders and “new money” stream from business profits will help in having a deflationary token and an increasing market cap.

$YMT token

Yacht master token will be our currency and its smart contract will be deployed in BSC chain. We want Yacht Master Token to be the backbone of our economy with the purpose of fueling our investing plans. Find out more about the token at our whitepaper: Yacht Master DAO — Yacht Master DAO Project (gitbook.io)


NFTs can only be purchased with $YMT. The NFTs will have governance power in the DAO and will be the dividend recipients.


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