Why I’m Selling My iPad Pro

I have a love-hate relationship with my iPad. I remember when they were first announced, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one.

In fact, when they launched in the USA, I went onto eBay and a guy in the UK had about 8 he had brought back from the US. I immediately hit the ‘Buy It Now’ button and drove about 100 miles to go and pick it up.

I remember strolling into work with it and everyone was asking “Oh my, is that an iPad?”.

Many people presumed that the iPad was just a large iPhone and in many respects, they were right, but it felt different somehow. It was obviously running the same OS and you couldn’t do anything different with it that you could on an iPhone. Somehow though, I felt more connected to the content and the larger screen.

9 Years And Counting

The iPad will be 9 this year and I have upgraded to the later iPads on many occasions. I currently have the 12.9" iPad Pro (first generation) which was the last iPad I purchased in 2015.

The truth is, it hasn’t really changed that much. The OS is getting better but I still feel there are many things missing.

Desperate To Make It Work

Once the large screen novelty had worn off, I spent many years trying to fit the iPad into my work flow. I struggled and always ended up defaulting back to my MacBook Pro.

I then had a bright idea, maybe I needed a physical keyboard, so that was my next quest. Alas, I soon learned that the keyboard wasn’t the answer either.

Bigger Is Better

When Apple announced the 12.9" iPad Pro in 2015, I thought “At last”, this will be much better with the larger screen. “And a pencil…wow” that means I could take notes on it properly, doodle and interact with it in a way that would make the difference.

I immediately bought one along with the new Apple Pencil. It was great to be able to write on the screen, but again, after the novelty wore off, I felt I was back to the same frustrations as before, always deferring to my MacBook Pro.

Apps, Apps, Apps

Maybe, I thought, I’m not choosing the right apps to get the job done so I spent many months trying to find the right apps that would fit in with my workflow, whilst spending a small fortune in the process.

That didn’t seem to work either. There was always something lacking. Oh, the frustration!


I started to question if I was being unrealistic. Was I trying to find the Holy Grail workflow with my iPad. I concluded that I wasn’t. I knew that I would still need my MacBook Pro for many things and I wasn’t trying to replace my machine.

I wanted to throw my iPad into my bag when I left the house, rather than having to carry around a much heavier device. However, whenever I wanted to do something productive, it felt slow and cumbersome in comparison to my Mac. All I could think was “I could do this much faster on my Mac”.

It’s Time To Let Go

So, after many years of desperately trying to make my iPad work for me, I have, with a heavy heart, resigned myself to the fact that it’s not a device that works for me.

The iPad is without question the perfect consumption device but when it comes to doing any real work, it falls short for me.

I’m sure the iPad works for many people, after all it’s sold incredibly well, but I guess it depends on what type of workflow you have and the type of productivity you need to output.

I love and hate my iPad all at the same time and it’s been a frustrating journey. I was even close to buying the newly announced iPad without the home button in a desperate bid to make it work, but I ruled with my head this time around knowing it wouldn’t make any difference.

A Solution On The Horizon

How was I going to find a solution to my frustration? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to my iPad and welcome in a new MacBook Air. Although it’s not as light as my iPad, I can still throw it in my bag and reap the rewards of productivity as soon as I take it out.

It may not have a pencil and it may not be a great consumption device like the iPad but I know it will fit my needs perfectly.

Now I just need to reconcile that I need to shell out a minimum of £1199 for the privilege with Apple’s forever increasing prices which I spoke about in another article: Are Apple Out Pricing Consumers.