I love the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. It weighs just the right amount. Its buttons are clicky, but never too hard to press. The HD rumble feature is keen, and the motion-control capabilities work surprisingly well. Basically, I want to use it to play everything.

Until last week, I couldn’t. See, something is wrong with my Pro Controller. While some people can simply connect their Pro Controller to their PC using Bluetooth or a USB cable, my computer seems to think that every single one of the Pro Controller’s buttons is being pressed all the time. …

By now, you’ve probably read about E3 2019’s highlights. Keanu Reeves’ breathtaking cameo at Microsoft’s press conference. Jon Bernthal’s adorable dog. Watch Dogs Legion’s murder grandma. Ikumi Nakamura’s star-making appearance. Oh, and there were some games too, like an extended look at the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake and a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

On the whole, reception to E3 2019 has been mixed. Aside from Nintendo’s, none of the press conferences delivered major surprises, even though they were full of great-looking games. …

Deadwood is back. Thirteen years after the series’ premature and unexpected demise, HBO, creator David Milch, and every surviving member of Deadwood’s sprawling cast reunite for a TV movie that finally reveals what happened to our favorite sheriffs, saloon owners, gold diggers, and other hoopleheads.

Deadwood: The Movie airs on HBO on May 31, 2019, and you already know that you’re going to watch it — but what are you going to drink while you do? After all, alcohol and drunkenness are a big, big part of Deadwood’s rough and tumble milieu. …

Yeah, there’s yet another superhero movie in the news, but Avgengers: Endgame isn’t just any superhero movie. It’s the climax to the story that began all the way back in 2008 when Iron Man hit theaters. That’s not marketing hype, either. Avengers: Endgame really does wrap up almost every dangling plot thread in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or the MCU, as the kids call it), and contains references to all 21 films that came before it.

If you’re a die-hard Marvel fan, you’ve seen all of those movies. You’re set. Enjoy Endgame. It’s great. On the other hand, if you’re…

Game of Thrones is basically one giant, medieval wrestling match. It’s a story about a bunch of people who all hate each other, who are all vying for control of a single prize, and who will do whatever it takes to win. The good guys don’t necessarily win, and when they do, it usually comes at a cost — and it never lasts for long.

With Game of Thrones’ final season premiering this weekend, I thought that maybe we could use wrestling to figure out how HBO’s fantasy series will conclude. Here’s how I did it: I assigned a wrestler…

Crush those bugs, you sexy loner!

Electronic Arts and BioWare have bet big on Anthem, their multiplayer-focused online shooter. So far, the reviews haven’t been kind, but if you’re like me that whole “multiplayer” thing was already a red flag.

I love BioWare, but I hate playing games with other people. I don’t think that I’m alone, either. If you’re here, you probably have the same questions I did: mainly, can you play Anthem solo?

As it turns out, yes and no.

Can I play Anthem by myself?

Most of Anthem’s main campaign can be soloed. In fact, if you care about Anthem‘s story, playing by your lonesome is practically required. Anthem…

How Digital Eclipse made DuckTales and other old games cool again

The DuckTales cartoon isn’t the only Disney property getting revived in 2017. Last April, Capcom and Digital Eclipse released The Disney Afternoon Collection, which collects six Nintendo Entertainment System games based on classic Disney animated series.

All of the games in the bundle is good — like its animated counterpart, Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers is a secret classic — but for our money, Capcom’s first DuckTales game is the standout title. Not only is DuckTales one of the best platformers of the NES era, but it contains one of the very finest soundtracks in video game history. …

DuckTales owes a lot to cartoonist Carl Barks — the Beagle Boys, Magica De Spell, and even ol’ Scrooge McDuck himself all sprung from the imagination of Disney’s “good duck artist.” And yet, of everything that DuckTales borrowed from Barks’ vast body of work, no image is as iconic as Scrooge diving into his massive money bin, swimming through his amassed riches.

But no one knows exactly how much money Scrooge has. In 2013, Forbes Magazine claimed that Scrooge McDuck was the wealthiest fictional character alive. Unfortunately, their estimate of his worth — a paltry $65.4 billion — seems just…

Suicide Squad, this summer’s superhero-fueled Dirty Dozen riff, made a lot of money. A $700 million take on a budget of $175 million? Yeah, that’s a hit.

But money does not a good movie make: don’t forget, Minions is the 11th-highest grossing film of all-time. According to the website Rotten Tomatoes, roughly three out of four Suicide Squad reviews are negative. Most of them are really negative.

So why does a movie like Suicide Squad that’s brutalized by critics still make money? Suicide Squad’s cast and crew have a theory.

Margot Robie, who plays the certifiably insane femme fatale Harley…

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Christopher Gates lives in Los Angeles, CA. He reads too many comics, watches too much baseball, and drinks too much beer. http://everygeek.net

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