5 Realities of the Current State of Plagiarism Detection Affairs — Where VEXT Shines

Chris Drew
May 19 · 3 min read

In only a few short months of bringing VEXT to market there are 5 primary reasons why VEXT is gaining so much interest vis a vis the market leading incumbents. Based on feedback from the scores of students, faculty, Deans, Writing Across the Curriculum Directors, Writing Center Directors, Vice Provosts, and IT administrators we have grouped the user feedback into 5 primary buckets. These 5 areas represent the current state of affairs as we have experienced it as we have introduced VEXT to you as a paradigm-breaking alternative to plagiarism detection software. The five conversations shaping the PDS reality — and the reasons people are choosing VEXT over the status quo — are as follows: 1) Cost 2) Uptime 3) Usability 4) Data Ownership 5) Pedagogical Implications

  1. COST: VEXT’s costs are simple and more affordable. For most schools VEXT is ~$1 per student per year. Schools pay for comparable technology services to the tune of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands more than VEXT (some schools with less than 40,000 students pay over $300,000 per year for other vendor services!). In other words, VEXT is saving students and schools millions of dollars per year.
  2. UPTIME: VEXT’s technology is built using modern, enterprise-grade architecture. Our architecture includes security and privacy policies and practices that align with the demands of some of the world’s leading global technology companies. On top of that, our values are such that data and privacy issues also take into account what matters to our users — i.e you want transparency, honesty, and control. Oh, and because of the fundamental characteristics of our tech stack this also means VEXT has an uptime of 99.99%. No 12 hour outages here!
  3. USABILITY: “Usability” means a number of things depending on your user type. It could mean downtime, uploading latency, user friendly UI / UX, processing time, usable analytics, or actionable reports. On this last point — actionable data — VEXT empowers administrators and faculty with data that allows them to see trends over the course of weeks, semesters, academic years. So when it comes to things like program reviews or accreditation reviews VEXT allows you to show how and where you are delivering on the promise of your curriculum. On the preceding usability points, VEXT has straightforward User Interfaces with easy-to-read data analytics and reports. VEXT works to keep it simple: login, submit your file, view your dashboards, review your library of submissions, logout. There is search functionality for users. And schools can request custom APIs and dashboards.
  4. DATA OWNERSHIP: This is a perennial issue and one that is becoming more acute as users across all types of platforms are demanding more transparency and accountability when it comes to the for-profit use of their user-generated content. The voices of students and faculty are the ones speaking most loudly to us at VEXT about this issue. VEXT is part private publishing platform. We don’t keep your IP in a black box. We allow you to access, search, and control your data.
  5. PEDAGOGICAL IMPLICATIONS: VEXT has been built from the ground up by writing professionals with inputs from researchers, practitioners, and theorists in writing assessment best practices and writing pedagogy. What does this mean? It means that everything from our mission, vision, and even our pricing model and go-to-market strategy, have shaped our technology to ensure that the service we are providing is positively impacting classroom learning in an ethical way. We start with a fundamental understanding of the impacts technology can have on a learning environment. VEXT couples this understanding with our deep appreciation for the hard intellectual labor that student writers are engaged in and the battle-tested challenges — semester over semester — that have shaped your instructor’s pedagogy.

These top five pieces of feedback about the current realities of PDS come from YOU — the faculty, administrators, and campus leaders. They are the same reasons you have told us why VEXT is such a critical new entrant into the education technology ecosystem. But there are other reasons, a LOT of other reasons, to have a conversation with VEXT about what we are doing that is both different and better for you and your school.

When it comes to learning analytics, academic integrity, and plagiarism detection technology options, the current state of affairs doesn’t have to persist.

We’re the new kids on the block (not those New Kids). And we are eager to earn your trust and respect. We are excited to be your partner in this shift away from the old paradigm of plagiarism detection to the new era of ethical writing data analytics. Give us a shot!