Avoid a massive guest blogging fail, learn from our mistakes
Gabriel Jimenez

It appears that what didn’t become part of your decision making to guest blog was the fact that guest blogging became super popular because of its utility as a ranking exploit in Google’s search results and, as with all exploits that become mainstream: 1.Google begins negating its value 2: web marketers don’t often understand the nuances that made the exploit work in the first place and 3: web marketers tend to continue to (mis)use the exploit long after it is no longer effective (and has become potentially harmful).

Today, guest posting is effective on a very “local” level between marketers (webmasters, website/business owners) who have strong business relationships between themselves, develop strong joint marketing campaigns with each other, have a deep understanding of how and why guest posting may help each other, and who don’t abuse the value of it.

Develop content with a complimentary business or even a competitor — I mean, if you’re a new site and way down in the search results, partnering with a competitor who’s way down there with you is an effective strategy. A well thought out content campaign with other sites within your broad niche will double, triple, or more the effectiveness of a mere post to your blog — and can remain well within Google’s best practices.

You know that as a new site, there is a lot to learn and there are a lot of variables to sort through. But there’s one thing that is for certain, if you don’t keep trying, you’re not going to make it.

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