Teams up with meal delivery services to provide boxed meals for all Californians.

“Boy does that smell delicious. It smells fantastic. It really does.”

Gavin Newsom savored the aroma of chicken and pasta as he discussed his latest effort in combating the current pandemic.

“Today I’m announcing a breakthrough program…

‘Keep your eyes on the game and shut up.’

Despite the endless political sewage spewing from the mouths of corporate media and from politicians in the donkey and elephant cults, another type of fixation is taking place — the NBA Playoffs.

The playoffs (a series of games not unlike the political ones, both groups full of flamboyant characters) are…

A Spectacle of New Life

Things are heating up!

It’s that time of year when the sun rises from its grave in the southern hemisphere and penetrates the fertile northern half with its potent rays of light.

The result of this union is an abundance of beauty: flowers bloom, roses bud, grass greens, and days…

Introducing Betty Crocker was not a piece of cake for advertisers.

However, the secret to its success lies behind these three words:

“Add an Egg.”

That simple line was responsible for the brand’s wild popularity.

I’m not exaggerating. It really was the case. But wait until you discover the inspiration.

How it Started

General Mills first…

Thousands of greeters will lose job

“Welcome to Walmart.”

That’s the famous greeting Trudy Yakmore has used for nearly a decade, giving Walmart shoppers a warm and loving welcome.

But pretty soon, she’ll be saying “goodbye to Walmart,” as the company plans to eliminate greeters, a longstanding staple of the American megastore.

Company executives are paving…

A one-step guide to writing a bestseller

I was strolling through the lonely aisles of Barnes & Noble the other day when I came across a book titled Believe It to Achieve It, by Brian Tracy.

The idea sounded so simple. So encouraging. Almost too good to be true.

But now I’m home. And I still can’t…

Ever wonder why the words ‘right’ and ‘write’ sound exactly the same?

Well, there’s a reason for that.

Let’s look at the word ‘right.’ It stems from ‘reg’ — a Proto-Indo-European word that means “to move in a straight line; to lead or rule.”

Wait a minute — did you read that last part? To lead or rule.

To lead or rule…

Director aims to create “woke” version of ’90s horror cult classic

Last month Universal Pictures approved a record-breaking budget of $250 million to reboot the Leprechaun movie franchise, making it one of the most expensive reboots in horror film history.

Hollywood’s hottest director, Mr. Jordan Peele, will direct the iconic cryptid-inspired film.

Peele, a very articulate and socially aware filmmaker, shared…

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