Professional freelancers don’t do “gigs”
Benek Lisefski

Recently did research into what causes a business to become a repeat customer of a small business. Interviewed 800 managers at big companies who outsource to freelancers.. (I’m in Australia so they were all Australian) So I’ll share the results…

Disclosure — My day job = product manager on a site that helps small businesses sell into and get repeat business from big clients.

#1 Communication… Communicate often and remind your client when they are letting you down on timelines…. they really appreciate this… Top tool freelancers used for this was

#2 Value for Money…. not the cheapest, far from… they want someone who could tell them when they’re doing something wrong. That was the value. The value was in getting a result in less time… there was also an element of quality of work there as you’d expect. Top tool for this = process diagram… what is your recommended process to arrive safe at a result.

#3 Timelines and responsiveness… The time to respond to a question was very important… they want to feel special even a holder response that you got their email was appreciated. and hitting the project timeline! and If your not looking like you’ll hit the timeline then letting them help you…. yep your client actually wants to help you to make money from them!!!

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