Improving Customer Support
Brian Armstrong

I’ve been waiting over a month now to validate my merchant account. No response at all from customer service. No clue as to what the problem is, no hope of ever getting it working on Coinbase.

Maybe by the end of September (of what year???) I can get an answer.

Not being a “high balance account” it sounds like not much of this will help me.

Nor will it address the system failures, scaling failures, screwed up transactions, false account locking and validation problems that are causing these customer support issues. Giving people <6hr form-email response from the outsourced Pakistan support contractor — basically telling them to read the FAQ — doesn’t really address the basic problem.

I will give you a hint about paid phone support: I can’t think of anything that will enrage customers more than to tell them they have to pay $25+ for coinbase to fix a problem coinbase has caused. You must have a short memory if you can’t remember the incandescent rage-hate generated by the paid phone support programs of software companies just down the road from you.

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