It can be hard, but reflection is a powerful exercise

Sometimes looking back is painful. Sometimes the memories of what has happened are not at all comfortable, not at all pleasant. It’s hard, so we lock it up deep in our minds and throw away the key, never to be unlocked, never to be uncovered, never to be remembered.

Beautiful backcountry near Lake Tahoe

It’s sad, but it’s reasonable.

After all, life throws some pretty nasty curveballs at us. Unexpected deaths, broken relationships, failures of all kinds, sometimes even violent disgusting abusive memories.

“You have to know the past to understand the present.”
~Carl Sagan

Don’t let the memories go to waste. Don’t stuff the past in an effort to forget. There are few things more powerful than a deep understanding of where one has been, what they have learned, how they have lived, the mistakes and victories.

It will be hard, it will be painful. It will be worth it.

Reflection is a powerful exercise. 
Chris Behnke
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It can be hard, but reflection is a powerful exercise.
Take time to think through what’s happened the last 12 months, what have you learned, what have you done; the next 12 months are your opportunity.
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