The possibilities are not just endless but waiting.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of coaching and working with many entrepreneurs.

Incredible views near Lake Tahoe

Regardless whether they’re just getting off the ground or large established companies, the founders are always optimistic, like crazy over the top are you serious optimistic.

Optimism is underrated, underappreciated, and utterly essential to success. ​​​​​​​

Sometimes this optimism is dangerous, enabling risking decision making, foolish spending, reckless behavior. More often than not though, it’s the optimism that becomes the differentiator between success and failure.

Oh, they’ll tell you it’s the business plan, or the people involved, or the funding, or the product itself of the marketing timing. Yes, all of those factors play a role for sure, even the role of causing failure.

However, none of those other factors have as much power and influence over the success of the business as optimism. In fact, it’s optimism that helps craft the successful business plan. It’s optimism that draws the right team into the organization. It’s optimism that attracts the right funding, and optimism that helps develop the incredible product with the right market timing to be successful.

Optimism is underrated, underappreciated, and utterly essential to success.

It’s the optimism that looks at every problem as a grand puzzle to be solved, a potential new amazing direction, product or opportunity.

Unbridled optimism can be dangerous, which is why it’s so important that it be tempered with wisdom. Optimism comes in all shapes and sizes, but wisdom always comes with scars and history.

These two working in concert can do amazing things, after all, the possibilities are endless, and waiting!

Chris Behnke

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The possibilities are not just endless but waiting.
They are waiting for you; you were made for them; you have a purpose, gifts to leverage and share with the world. What are you waiting for? GET off you butt and get out there and do it!
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