On designing a ‘simple’ interface to the Neo4j graph database

While creating a platform where humans and AI collaborate to detect and mitigate cybersecurity threats at CYPP, we chose to use Clojure and Neo4j as part of our tech stack. To do so, we created a new driver library (around the Java Neo4j driver), following the clojuresque way of making simple things easy. And we chose to share it, to co-develop it under the Gorillalabs organization. Follow along to understand our motivation, get to know our design decisions, and see examples. …

I’m a big fan of developing on the same standards you’re using for production. There’s absolutely no reason for you to develop your web services, applications or whatever relying on http/ws only, if you plan to deliver it using https/wss in production.

In my opinion, you shouldn’t run you services using http and rely on a reverse proxy for tls termination, so that’s no excuse. You absolutely should use secure transport end-to-end.

This said, it’s absolutely essential for you to be able to create certificates easily and make your browser accept it.

Creating self-signed certificates the right way isn’t really…

Dr. Christian Betz

father, husband, clojure dev, software architect, AI consultant @LangTec. Current topics: Security, Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualization, Data Pipelines

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