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Being the master of your day is something we all see as very alluring.

Setting your own rules and hours, working from the comfort of your room, and other convenient stuff that you automatically think of when you about working from home.

You’ve probably even heard tons of stories about people making the brave move of quitting their job to go the unconventional route of working for oneself.

It all sounds great! Right? I thought so too until I was actually the one in complete control of my daily work schedule.

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It turns out that it is not in everyone’s nature to perform best under this circumstance. The brain has a way of tricking even the most influential person in your life — yourself. …

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Personal branding is relevant more than ever in today’s economy of connection. Everyone has a unique story and experience to share with others.

Personal brands are especially beneficial for freelancers, artists, content creators, and similar roles. It provides a personality for their body-of-work.

If you’re one of them, you can use branding as an advantage in many situations that are related to your career and lifestyle.

So how does one begin to build a personal brand?

Start simple

When it comes to your personality, there are no rules as to what you must do. …

One of the most important goals of digital branding is to provide consumers with authentic digital experiences.

It all starts when someone discovers your brand for the first time and expands onto every other level along the way to consumer loyalty.

A recent Walker study on consumer behavior shows that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by the end of 2020. More specifically, it states that 86% of buyers will pay more for better consumer experience.

It goes to show that no matter what type of business you’re in, experience is a strong force behind consumer’s choice about the brands they find trustworthy, valuable, and comfortable to use.

But what exactly does experience involve? …

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