Remote Year!

From June 1, 2015 through May 31, 2016, I will spend each month working remotely (on CaterCow! We’re doing great!) from a new international city.

There are one hundred of us — strangers for now, each with unique projects — traveling together as part of the inaugural Remote Year program. In exchange for a flat monthly fee, the Remote Year team is responsible for booking flights, accommodations, and shared office space in each city, along with planning weekly social events and ensuring we have gym memberships / travel insurance / etc.

In other words, two of my biggest passions — travel and company building — finally get to coexist!

To say I’m excited is a huge understatement! I will post my thoughts to Medium as I go along

Here is my itinerary:

Prague, Czech Republic (Jun 2015)
Ljubljana, Slovenia (Jul 2015)
Dubrovnik, Croatia (Aug 2015)
Istanbul, Turkey (Sep 2015)
Penang, Malaysia (Oct 2015)
Ko Tao, Thailand (Nov 2015)
Hanoi, Vietnam (Dec 2015)
Kyoto, Japan (Jan 2016)
Buenos Aires, Argentina (Feb 2016)
Mendoza, Argentina (Mar 2016 — join me on Mar 4 for my 30th birthday!)
Santiago, Chile (Apr 2016)
Lima, Peru (May 2016)