Your business idea is smart, but people aren’t.

So you’ve come up with an idea for a business, an app or a service? You believe it’s a great idea because you see a great deal of pain, confusion, anger, frustration and negative energy being poured into a problem by people, and you have the answer.

Here’s the real issue though; businesses who try to make very hard things easier are trusting that people will be logical enough to choose an easier alternative. Most won’t though.

If people perceive that they can achieve the same outcome that your business proposes to achieve, through hard work, then they won’t use your business and if they do; they won’t value it.

The real powerhouse businesses deliver outcomes which would be impossible for most people and then make them possible. See the difference?

Saving someone some time, effort, money or frustration is great, but it won’t scale. Why? Because people still eat shit food, date toxic people and drink their livers to death despite all of the better options out there – people aren’t logical.

A person wont take the time to really think about if your idea will save them time – they’ll only pay attention if it claims to deliver an outcome they never thought possible. Basically; regardless of how much time and energy they put in, they could never achieve the outcome without your idea.