How To Sustain Long-Term Product Success In The Software Business

From client services to Web 2.0 to long-term success without marketing, Tom Rossi has sustained a software career by focusing on long-term product success.

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In this Chasing Product podcast interview with Tom Rossi — founder of Tick time-tracking software and Buzzsprout podcasting software — we talk about Toms’ experience as a long-time product founder, dealing with the economy post 9–11, switching to Rails from .NET, and more!

Among the many items Tom shares are:
* how to “accidentally” create a product
* letting go of client service work, the right way
* how to manage a team effectively
* how to prioritize for long-term product success

After starting out in 1996 doing client services work, as many of us do, Tom quickly got excited about the Internet boom. But he soon found himself trying to stay afloat in a post-9/11 world.

Creating a CMS for non-profit in 2001 was Toms’ first step toward long-term product success, made for a variety of reasons. This early success was followed up by creating a time-tracking tool for freelancers in 2005, in the wake of the Web 2.0 ethos popularized by 37signals. This was another step toward long-term product success.

Later, Tom created podcasting software, based on client work helping churches to put sermons online. This would be yet another link in the long-term product-success chain.

As always, a horrible client project spurred a desire to change to products — Tom goes into detail on this in the show. We’ve all had horrible client projects, and the one that drove Tom out of client services was a bad one!

If you’re trying to get out of client work and into product work, then you are Chasing Product!

The full interview is available here:

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