Bernie Sanders is a demonstrably honest politician who is articulating a moral vision for the…
Devin Reynolds

Devin, thanks for the detailed response.

The core difference between us is in what we value in a leader.

What I value:

1) Supported by all ethnic groups, especially Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. A Democrat can not win the White House without these three groups being active, engaged, and showing up at the polls.

2) Can be elected, and in this years election that means, can soundly beat Trump and have coattails to bring Democrats into the House and Senate.

3) Once elected, can work with both Democrats and Republicans.

What I don’t care that much about:

A) Has a compelling vision for a just, fair, progressive society. We have all sorts of good visions, what is needed is a leader who can move even a small part of those visions forward.

B) Always tells the truth. Being a leader means making deals, compromises, and occasionally saying things that are not true. I don’t tell the truth all the time, and personally I view someone who claims to as either a fool or a huckster.

Here is the background on the Washington state primary results:

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