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  • I agree that Congress is run by the 1%.
  • What revolution is Bernie leading ? I was pretty active in my student days, including May 1970 ( Kent State and the bombing of Cambodia ). That was not a revolution, but the left was a lot more visible and vocal than what I see from the Bernie supporters.
  • Bernie is making some interesting points, but the way he is doing it looks more like a rock-star singing about revolution than really leading one.
  • Sadly, we have a two party system. Attempts to create a splinter party have failed in the past, and will keep failing.
  • 1992 — Ross Perot threw the election to Bill Clinton by trying to form a right wing splinter party — thanks Ross.
  • 2000 — Ralph Nader threw the election to George Bush by forming a left wing splinter party that took a crucial 5% of the votes from Al Gore.
  • 2016 — Bernie Sanders forms a left wing splinter party and throws the election to Donald Trump or Ted Cruz by taking votes from Hillary Clinton.
  • Is Hillary my favorite candidate, no, I admit I have ‘Clinton fatigue’. But Bernie is too old, will not get the nomination, and HRC is a vastly better choice than Trump or Cruz.