No need to be a jackass, just because I caught you being dishonest.
Devin Reynolds

It is odd how intelligent people leave their minds behind when they join the True-Believers of the Bernie Sanders sect.

A core premise appears to be that His Bernieness is going to get all sorts of people active in government and politics.

The reality does not match the religion though. Look at Washington state. On a nice Saturday in March lots of Sanders supporters came to the Democratic caucus and dominated it. Nice work.

I was there supporting Hillary, but dared not raise my voice.

In May Washington also had a Democratic primary, for registered voters who were willing to declare themselves Democrats. Three times as many people voted as attended the caucus, and the majority voted for Clinton.

Voting in Washington is by mail, so either the Sanders supporters had not registered to vote, or did not bother.

Not the stuff of this grass-roots revolution you are talking about.

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