F*** You, I Quit — Hiring Is Broken
Sahat Yalkabov

My questions for any of the engineers reading this:

1) What is being demonstrated by the applicant in these long whiteboard problems ?

2) On the projects you have worked on professionally, how many failed totally ( never launched ) or partially ( you are too embarrassed to ever mention in later interviews ).

From that list: How many failed because of poor programming skills ?

3) In these whiteboard problems could the interviews solve the problem themselves, or can they recognize a correct or incorrect answer.

My theory, and this is based only on my limited experience of both passing and failing these interviews is that:

A) Developers are clueless on how to interview and choose, and so as an industry have fallen into this easy rut of pointless whiteboard questions.

B) A result of this is the Brogrammer culture where a white-dominated male mindset has created and perpetuated a myth that “they” are the best programmers.

C) The outcome is a lot of bad software, and bad software in ways that echo throughout the world in terms of poorly secured software.

Now I know this is very negative. I mean Bill Gates is a Brogrammer, and look at all the great software his company culture created.

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