Christian evangelists use streaming platforms to spread the gospel while playing Fortnite

Illustration by Daniel Zender

Catie Dexter is a different kind of evangelist. “The gaming community is definitely a community that’s got some lost people that need Christ,” she says.

Millions of people log onto Twitch every month to broadcast live video — most of them streaming games like League of Legends or Rocket League. Some use it to organize sporting events or political discussions. But a small and growing community of creators is using Twitch to reach gamers on behalf of Jesus Christ. Dexter is the chief operating officer of God Mode Activated (GMA), a group dedicated to “activating gamers in faith.”


Pastor Chris Hodges

In Alabama, the Church of the Highlands is kind of a big deal. A non-denominational church ministry with 21 campuses and reportedly more than 50,000 attendees on a normal week, this church is one that few know about but that plays an integral part in defining public religious life for Alabamans. So why are a few likes on social media becoming such a defining moment for this immensely large church?

To start asking this question, we need to look at a very specific series of events:

The Context

Two weeks ago, all of this started with a Facebook post from a local…

On April 28, Dennis Prager’s online Youtube presence, Prager University, decided to tweet out the following:

Prager himself, a well-established radio show personality among the political right, has been a vocal critic of the lockdowns in response to COVID-19 for a while now, stating in other videos and columns that the virus is being used as a tool to encourage increased government oppression and to allow the political Left further control.

The tweet was lambasted by journalists and academics across the political spectrum for the sheer ridiculousness that such a statement implies, with responses noting how everything from Nazis to…

One of the joyous (read: painful) back-and-forth dialogues of recent months has been the visibly growing tension between generations. No, generational conflict isn’t anything new. Still, the visibility of it through memes like OK Boomer has made it more contentious, especially as economic disparities grow among the youth.

But it seems to have epitomized itself in a recent feature in Newsweek by Sam Hill, titled “OK Millennial.” The subtext? Boomers Are the Greatest Generation in History. Clearly self-fulfillment in textual form

The piece comes off as pretentious, for the most part, even ridiculous at times. It is the feature-length version…

Roger Stone, Showtime

The political consultant known as Roger Stone has existed as an emblematic figure in queries regarding the corruption of the Trump administration. Whether it is his deceptive conduct, his use of social media to harass others or just the fact that the FBI raided his home, Stone has been a curious subject in the public eye.

While Stone was sentenced only a few weeks ago, his presence still stays constant on the public consciousness. But what draws attention now is a recent Axios feature released this Sunday that features a detailed look at an aspect few would think relevant; his…

(This is a story I published on Kill Screen in 2013, but it was removed when Kill Screen went down. So I’ve updated it and reposted it here.)

Religion and war are a fickle thing. Whether it’s the Jihadist call for the destruction of the Great Satan known as the United States or the pope-approved First Crusade, these two social phenomena continue to rely on one another as they further plan to hurt and help our fellow man.

Many storytellers have realized the relevance of faith in war. The storytellers behind games like Skyrim and Bioshock Infinite use religion-based justification…


So, one of the simple delights in time is seeing what sort of content Disney releases to the public. While the media conglomerate’s control over the spectrum of content continues to create a reason to be skeptical, it’s hard to deny that, in the last five years, Disney has turned kid’s television around into a truly enthralling platform of content. Between Gravity Falls, the reboot of Ducktales, Phineas and Ferb and other shows, they’ve consistently created content that attracts adult and kid fans.

And “The Owl House”, created by Dana Terrace is sure to be another fantastic addition to this…

This is an article written for my Sociological Theory course in the semester of Fall 2019, and is being republished for the sake of public access.

A question that often permeates the media discourse in recent years regards that evergreen question of ‘What is it with the kids these days?” In this case, it is about the increasing approval of socialist and Marxist ideals. A 2018 poll revealed that 51 percent of 18-to-29-year-olds said that they hold a favorable opinion on socialism as a whole, compared to the 47 percent who say that they hold a favorable view of capitalism…

This is an article written for my Sociological Theory course in the semester of Fall 2019, and is being republished for the sake of public access.

Apocalyptic descriptions of the future are a common affectation of public commentators. Some commentators gesture toward the rising climate temperatures as an impending threat to our health and wellbeing. Others see the recent mishandling of international trade as the first step toward an economic recession that will affect us for decades. Moreover, some see the recent shifts in religion and local politics as pointing toward a totalitarian future that will increasingly limit the rights…

One of the nice benefits of a job at Barnes and Noble is the ability to rent and read newer books in time.

One of the books I picked up as part of that deal was Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump by John Fea, a historian’s look at how 81% of Evangelicals came to vote for our current president; an individual who has consistently showed his conduct to be contrary to what was previously considered Christian values.

Fea frames the book’s argument as a focus on three ideals that he sees as the primary drivers of why…

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