If Donald Trump is As Dangerous As Many Believe, Hillary Clinton Should Drop Out

One of the arguments for voting Clinton even if you don’t trust her, think her foreign policy record is awful and feel the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders out of the democratic nomination is that the alternative is so much worse. I don’t happen to believe that, but I could be wrong. People with far more knowledge and experience than I have are apparently convinced, and I have no special insight into how Trump would behave or what the effects of his election would be on the country. So let’s concede this point for the purposes of this article: Trump would do irreversible and terrible damage to the USA and the world.

If that’s the case, then the nation is at grave risk. Right now, the two candidates are polling close to even, and a 50 or 40 or even 25 percent chance of world war, economic collapse, a descent into white supremacy or fascism (or any of the other fears people seem to have should Trump be elected) is unacceptable. So we must make sure to convince everyone to vote HRC — distasteful as that may be to many — to avoid this potential calamity.

And people are trying. The networks are trying. The newspapers are trying. The political establishment is trying, and despite all that mobilization, it’s not working. The electorate — for real or imaginary reasons — won’t budge. Maybe it’s because she’s a terrible candidate with no charisma, tons of baggage and an economy under a democratic president that’s left too many behind. Maybe it’s because everyone’s sexist, racist and irrationally and unfairly against her. It really doesn’t matter why. What matters — as the HRC people will tell you as they urge you to lay down your principles and vote for someone you don’t trust, like or think would make a good president — is Trump must not be elected. Okay, point taken. But if the voters dislike HRC too much to go along with this, what other arrow is left in the quiver? Have her drop out and nominate Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren — anyone else without the massive unfavorables, 25 years of scandals and who polls more strongly head to head against Trump.

I can hear the responses from the HRC camp: She won the popular vote (and for the sake of argument let’s concede this without litigating whether the DNC’s improper scale-thumbing changed the outcome), she’s the first female candidate to headline the ticket of a major party, she’s the most qualified candidate. I get it, just like you get that Sanders voters care about universal healthcare, $15 minimum wage, free college tuition, etc. But as you always say, it’s time to stop being childish and holding onto these minor preferences! The future of civilization is at stake, and her candidacy is risking it. If the electorate, rightly or wrongly won’t budge, there’s only one thing left to do, and it’s for her to make way for someone with a better chance to defeat Trump. It’s not necessarily fair, but just like after the DNC-tainted results of the democratic primary, it’s where we are now. We have to persuade her for the sake of the country and world. That is, if you really think Trump is that dangerous.

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