The Purpose of Life is to Be a Nobody
Zat Rana

Nice! Best thing I’ve read here on Medium, so far. It reflects my sentiments too. Being a nobody is right. We become humble, modest and compassionate towards others — treating them as equals. You can take this idea a step further, because another way of thinking, which can also help to ground us, is to actually remove the ground from under our feet! Accept we are floating in an abyss. We come and return from this empty place. Knowing this fact, will further increase feelings of gratitude for our very existence. Strangely, rather than becoming unsettled when thinking this way, anxiety actually fades. The beauty of nature and gift of living each day — the glorious experience of life, witnessed all around us—even down to the minutest of details, can be greatly appreciated when coming from a place of nothingness, especially when we’re already a nobody too.

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