Darkest Puppet

Honey dripping
Along her skin
Not really honey
Know what I mean?

A little scared
A little daring
The little darling
Earned her money

She played her role to perfection
Left me wanting more contortions
When she whispered more will be more
I did not hesitate and paid

Black hair black eyes black skin
Black lipstick and black fingernails
Her teeth were paler than moonlight
Her tongue was burning red lava

She made my body see the stars
Sweat glistening in candlelight
Fingers entwined like piano keys
Ebony and ivory white

As I fell in love with her
Something soft and hard I saw
In her slender dark eyes
A pity of the strangest kind

Mechanically she completed the transaction
Performing like an automaton
While she crushed my tender heart
With a practiced fake expression

Selfishly I got my money’s worth
Taking what I had purchased
Slowly discarding the rest
Even as it tore me apart

A week later she texted me
“I need money baby”
I could not text her back
My poor heart could not bear it.

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