The world is full of jokers who don’t care about anything else but accomplishing their selfish desire, they take advantage of the less fortunate, steel from them and finally abandon them after pledging empty promises in simple they don't care about the people they hurt as long as there is something to gaining from it. Some people are suffering so much due to the decisions made by a few selfish human being, these suffering souls have nobody or nowhere to turn to. These category include all those people who have nothing to feed on, nowhere to call home either living on the streets or in refuge camps , those people who can’t afford money to take their children to school. All these souls needs someone to pull the up but the disappointing reality is that no one seems to care and the people given the mandate to lead don’t even seem to bother further more their lives are perfect. The politicians, capitalist, industrialist and all other humans who are fortunate enough should start caring about those in need of their help.

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