Periscope & Meerkat: Use Wisely And Don’t Be an Idiot

I downloaded the Meerkat app less than three weeks after it went live and Periscope within a few hours of it appearing in the iTunes App Store.

Meerkat users seemed to have used a bit of self-control, at least for a week, with their streaming practices while Periscope users jumped right into “idiot-orbit”. In less than 24 hours I watched a stream on Periscope of some guy announcing how drunk he was (at 5:00am) and that he would be calling in “sick”. He went on to say he would be back in front of the camera right after he grabbed another Miller. He then announced, over and over, how drunk he was and that he was calling in sick to work.

Unfortunately, common sense doesn’t seem too common when it comes to what people share on social media. And now with Periscope and Meerkat people have the ability to broadcast in real-time, the good, bad, ugly and sometimes stupid things they do.

Bottom line — think twice before you hit ‘brodcast’.

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