Google Play Music: DJ of the Future?

Like billions of people around the globe, you probably turn to Google whenever you have a question. Now, the world’s most popular search engine is hoping you’ll turn to it whenever you want to discover new music, and it’s developed a program that will help to do just that: Google Play Music.

Of course, Google Play Music is nothing new — Google launched the music streaming service in 2011 — but it was recently updated with a new feature that will allow it to offer hyper-personalized music suggestions to users in real time. While the premise is similar to existing features offered by music streaming services, such as Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” playlists, Google Music Play leaves no stone unturned when it comes to suggesting songs. It looks at songs and artists that you’ve already listened to as well as your location, the time of day, the weather, and it can even consider your emails, calendar items, videos you’ve watched on YouTube, your Google search history, and more in its quest to create the perfect playlist for you no matter where you are, how you feel, or what you’re doing.

Google’s access to incredible amounts of data give it an edge when it comes to developing a digital DJ that know exactly what you want to hear all of the time. It also has the benefit of Elias Roman, the lead product manager for Google Play Music, to take this idea from a possibility to a reality. Roman co-founded a startup called Songza, which Google acquired in 2014, and today, he’s hoping that Google Play Music has reached a point where users will take its musical advice every time.

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