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I’m taking a break from my wife and kids

Don’t #Unplug from technology. #Unplug from what matters the most.

It has suddenly become “cool” to unplug from technology. Unplug for a day, a week, a month or maybe even a whole year. It will help you refocus on what matters most in life. Sure it will…

Fifteen days ago, my wife Anna, along with my son Lucas (6) and my daughter Maya (3), left for Sao Paulo, Brazil. My wife is a college student in New York City and has the luxury of taking the entire summer off. She takes full advantage of this time and visits her family each year in Brazil along with our kids in tow. I will get to spend some time down there too, but I could never go for the whole summer like they do. Somebody has to pay the bills right?

So here I am in Brooklyn, all alone as I write this…

The upside of them being gone is naturally the additional time to get work done. I’ve been able to truly laser focus on my company like never before. I’ve even added finishing my first book and working out to my daily routine, without missing a beat.

Now that they are a full continent away, there are literally no more “distractions” like:

Getting my kids ready for school each morning.

Picking them up each afternoon.

Taking them to their favorite park.

Helping them with their homework each night.

Preparing and having dinner together.

Giving them their baths.

Reading them a story.

Talking with my wife for hours once the kids are asleep.

I’ve cried more than a few times since they’ve left, I’m sure I will a few more. The truth is that I don’t cry because I miss them, I cry because I never fully appreciated what they added to my life each day in the first place.

If you think unplugging from technology will put your life in perspective, try this exercise instead. You might learn (as I have) that the only things that matter in life are in fact the “distractions” themselves.

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