I’m Sarah Nyberg, and I Was a Teenage Edgelord.
Sarah Nyberg

hello there, sarah!

you see, i usually dont care about videogame-drama, or gamer-conventions or stuff, but i saw your post right there, and i thought ‘’what the heck? i might as well google that person(you)’’.

and after some research, i found out that you were a horrible person back then. no, thats not being an ‘’edgelord’’, that is YOU being a pedophile.

and the worse part? (if something can be worse than that)

you try to use the ‘’victim-card’’, as if your personal misfortunes destroyed your heart, and as such, all of your (horrible) crimes should be ‘’forgiven’’.

well, no.

i see that you are trying to do a pity party, and its an awful thing to do.

you are also trying to use the terms of ‘’transgender’’ and ‘’homosexuality’’ as your personal tools in order to make us feel sorry for you. (so that you can appear as the victim, and not as the abuser/predator that you really are.)

this is awful.

i know alot of transgender/LGTB people, and they are GOOD people, with honest lives, and good intentions.

you on the other hand, are a (sexual) criminal, and you are using your transgender status as a ‘’shield’’, in order to protect you from any ‘’attacks’’.

well, normally nothing should protect a criminal pedohile like you, but what can i say? you are trying your best to fool people.

last but not least, what makes your personality even worse, is not just your awful pedophilia tactics, or your white-nationalist ideals, but your tendency to act as a victim, even tho you have (clearly) admitted the fact that, you were/are(?) a pedophile.

long story short: i dont dislike you for being a gamer/liar/manipulator…


i dislike you because you are a pedophile.


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