The Federal Civil Servant Protection Act of 2018

The “Meeting that Never Happened,” LaVoy Finicum Remembrance, January 2017 John Day, Oregon

Shortly after the April 2014 Cliven Bundy standoff in Deseret’s Dixie, two men on I-15 brandished a weapon and held up a sign that read “You need to die” as they travelled alongside a U.S. Bureau of Land Management vehicle. The public servant, a Wrangler, tried to read the license plate but it was covered with duct tape.

In response, the BLM went into hiding, stripped its vehicles of bureau logos and kept employees from doing their field oriented jobs in the disputed region. The perpetrators of this crime succeeded in their threat, have not been caught, the case still an ongoing investigation.

Sadly, it is now part of the job. Really, always was, from the time Buffalo Soldiers came to protect Yellowstone and Yosemite. It should be expected. Naive to think otherwise.


The 1990s Wise Use movement was enabled by Bert Smith, the same Mormon credited as the ‘father’ of the Sagebrush Rebellion, distributor of the now famed Skousen pocket constitution, long time financial supporter of southern-like ‘states rights’, and enabler of all iterations of threats of violence to public lands civil servants including the current of the Bundy movement. He died at 96, a little over a month after the fall of Malheur.

Bert and Kathy Via Facebook

Although he owned a ranch in Nevada with his partner Kathy and very much knew the power of the Cowboy Myth, Bert owned Smith and Edwards, a military surplus empire in Utah. He used his money freely initially working with W. Cleon Skousen and the Freeman Institute creating many non-profit organizations including the National Center for Constitutional Studies in 1971 of pocket fame. In 1967, Skousen was directed by Prophet David O. McKay of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to undertake these initiatives.

Bert and his partner Kathy have been at this Property Rights game for decades that has always been associated with Skousen theo-constitutionalism. He started the Sagebrush Rebellion in the 1970s from his Nevada ranch using these political organizations to promote his directed cause.

His Cliven Bundy at the time was fellow Mormon Nevadan Wayne Hage who also renounced his grazing permit with great legal fanfare and, along with fellow Deseret theo-cons Demar Dahl and Grant Gerber, helped support a series of Sagebrush rebellion causes that turned into an arm of the 1990s-early 2000s Wise Use movement. Through the decades they have “employed” a variety of indoctrinated actors to support their many causes.

After several failed legislative and legal attempts at promoting a federal lands transfer in Nevada, in 1992 Bert and Kathy ramped up the rhetoric and started working directly with the militia movement that has always existed in various forms, notably the Posse Comitatus and John Birch Society anti-United Nations crowd. His National Federal Lands Conference published a pamphlet titled, “Why There is a Need for a Militia in America” promoting the familiar ‘Mine it, Log it, Graze it” and ‘Black Helicopters/Agenda 21 mantra that still exists today.

Bert worked with Ron Arnold, an outspoken Wise Use radical who wrote Wise Use: What do we believe?,

“As the environmental debate developed during the late 1980s, the “dominant Western worldview” gained an organized constituency and advocacy leadership: the wise use movement. Incipient and gestating more than a decade in the bosom of those who had been most wounded by environmental ideology, the new movement congealed at a conference in Reno, Nevada in 1988. It was centered around a hodgepodge of property rights groups, anti-regulation legal foundations, trade groups of large industries, motorized recreation vehicle clubs, federal land users, farmers, ranchers, fishermen, trappers, small forest holders, mineral prospectors and others who live and work in the middle landscape.

“It came as a shock to environmentalists. The “competing paradigm” unhappily found itself confronted with a competing paradigm. The free ride was over. A substantial cluster of non-profit grass roots organizations now advocated unlimited economic growth, technological progress and a market economy. They opposed the eco-ideologists’ proposals using the tactics of social change movements, such as mobilizing grass roots constituencies, staging media events including protest demonstrations and orchestrating letter-writing campaigns to pressure Congress.

“It was a pivotal shift in the debate. No longer were eco-ideologists able to face off against business and industry, pitting greedy for-profit corporations against environmentalism’s non-profit moral high ground. Now it was urban environmentalists defending their vision of the pastoral ideal against those who actually lived the pastoral ideal in the middle landscape.

This simple structural rearrangement of the debate went virtually unnoticed, but was crucial: Now it was non-profit against non-profit, one side promoting economic growth, technological progress and a market economy, the other opposing.”

Unlike Bert, Arnold still lives and like Bert supported and enabled Hage and Bundy from the beginning.

Smith, Arnold and cohorts rhetoric crescendoed in 1995 with both Timothy McVeigh and his Michigan Militia cohorts blowing up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 children and adults, and four months later a series of USFS bombings — all targeting federal employees and their families,

“Mr. Mather said the explosion, just before 10 P.M., destroyed the van and broke a few windows in Mr. Pence’s home. Mr. Pence was on a trip in central Nevada, but his wife and three children were in the house, on the south side of Nevada’s capital city.

The authorities evacuated the family and four neighbors. The Forest Service office and the homes and vehicles of other agency employees were checked after the bombing. No other explosive devices were found.”

In response to increasing scrutiny, the militia movement crawled back underground but Bert and his as involved partner Kathy kept promoting their brand of Skousen theo-constitutional Sagebrush separatism in Deseret. And their pocket politicians did their dirty work, with friend theo-con Rep. Helen Chenoweth-Hage, soon to be wife of Wayne, leading the pack while Utah Rep. Rob Bishop was still in training pants as a high school history teacher.

Still, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the various federal agencies were slow to take the threat to public lands civil servants seriously. No doubt, the Ruby Ridge and Waco debacles occupied their time and the intimidated bureau was reacting on its heels, primarily concerned with rehabilitating its image in the heat of great political pressure from ‘friendly’ anti-federal government politicians.

Perhaps, too, they didn’t have analysts working on these serious emerging threats posed by mythical sagebrush cowboys from Deseret or didn’t want to step on their law enforcement peers in other federal departments, a form of decentralized intragovernmental deference. In any case, all federal bureaucracies were and continue to be negligently unresponsive and unprepared for the existing threat.

As usual, upper echelon public lands bureaucrats are always comfortably unbelieving and feel threatened by political forces, usually captured by those they regulate. This includes ‘ranchers’ like Bert in Nevada and former agency man Cleon when he was alive respective to the BLM and FBI.

Even Ammon Bundy stereotypically joked with the FBI when they finally got involved late in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation in Oregon, asking Agent “Chris” on the phone if he was Mormon. Bundy and crew made a wager among themselves.


Shortly after the bombings High Country News and the nonprofit Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility took careful notice. They started asking questions of the federal agencies and used the Freedom of Information Act to get answers. They reported on the sagebrush rebels, protected and told the stories of threatened civil servants and demanded metrics — eventually developing their own, as the agencies were neither forthcoming nor appeared to possess the data being requested.

Since 1995, PEER has compiled annual reports of threats — having to resort to sending surveys to federal resource employees and begging for their disclosure. Their 2016 report notes a large increase in violence and laments a problem that has languished for over two decades:

“PEER has maintained a database of incidents against federal resource employees since the 1995 bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City. Most of the agencies did not track this type of information when PEER first started submitting FOIA requests but now all maintain some data, although it is not consistent or complete. For example, the Park Service does not maintain records of attacks on non-law enforcement.

The U.S. Justice Department no longer systematically tracks assaults on federal employees. A reporting requirement for such incidents enacted after the Oklahoma City bombing was repealed in 2002 after DOJ complained that collecting this data was cumbersome. At the same time, federal security agencies had largely dismantled to counter domestic extremism, shifting the focus to Islamic extremism.”

HCN dedicated an entire issue to the threats posed to federal land management employees with their 2014 issue to Defuse the West: Public-land employees are easy targets for a violent, government-hating fringe. Seminal, it documented the disparate agency incident reporting and data collecting systems and criminal response for requests for information. They chastised the BLM for stonewalling on a FOIA, providing a meager 123 pages while the more forthright USFS provided 2,300. (Contacting PEER for this story, I was told they had just received their latest batch of FOIA agency responses: a total of 2 pages from the BLM.)

In short, no agency tracks threats to all federal employees regardless of position. HCN, PEER and every citizen should be able to one stop shop at the FBI or DHS. Better yet, the redacted information should be freely available online. For the data that is made available by this decentralized means, the data centers on threats made primarily to law enforcement, illustrating an on the ground application of professional bias. The hell with the Biologist, Custodian, Range Specialist or their families.


Threats have been levied against people in a wide range of public lands positions. As the Utah I-15 death threat from 2014 indicates — the civil servant was a BLM Wrangler — they are directed at every position that contains a logo or identifier. The more identifiable, the more threats you are likely to receive. If you are a lands management agency decisionmaker or enforcer, especially in Bert’s Dixie, your odds increase greatly. And as the USFS bombing proves, their families are not immune.

My partner is a BLM District Manager and we received threats two years ago, in 2015, while living in Utah. Well, technically, she received the threat before we arrived as a family, shortly after she moved to Utah ahead of us while the kids and I remained in Oregon to finish out the school year. And, thankfully, not yet any bombs.

The Color Country District Manager position had been vacant over a year. In the heart of Dixie, it had been re-advertised due to a lack of qualified, interested, candidates who were perhaps worried about the Utah Territory. We knew the potential territory and beyond we were excited to share the exquisite red rock backcountry with our children.

As a former public lands employee with a public administration degree, I have always had keen interest in public lands and their administration. Working with the National Park Service at Capitol Reef National Park during the height of the Wise Use movement, RS 2477 county road claims on the Burr Trail, and the creation of nearby Grand Staircase Escalante Canyons National Monument, watching former BLM employee and now outspoken bull-elk Utah State Representative Mike Noel work against the Grand Staircase-Escalante Canyons as his religious based political indoctrination dictates — demonizing his former workmates — has always been too much for me to bear in silence.

We are vocational regarding our public service and keep our business separate for ethical reasons. My partner goes about her work for the citizens of our nation and we seldom talk details, and I write as I see fit while she seldom even line edits (as all of my “folk art journalism” pieces attest). I say, “If Matlin and Carville can do it, we can. But, she’s no Matlin.” I love her and our kids so much — I often burst.

So, when we moved to Utah the summer of 2015 I began to write, my first piece Constitutional Crisis in the Heart of Dixie that linked the LDS religious and business interests to the Bundy and larger Sagebrush Rebellion movements, and of how federal law enforcement and prosecution continually empowers them through blundering.

I wrote of the Koch American Lands Council sponsored Western Freedom Festival that was taxpayer funded by Utah County Commissioners who call themselves “The Posse”. They misused tax dollars and attempted to misuse elementary school students as a backdrop to promote the event. Vocal anti-public lands Posse member Leland Pollock described the Rebel purpose in a press release,

“The Western Freedom Festival is a response to all of the abuse western rural communities have been dealing with for years. We know we have solid cultural values, however we are constantly under attack by special interest groups, the federal government and many other forces that are constantly trying to change our lives. The land is our life-blood, we are surrounded by an ocean of public land yet the freedom to use that land is vanishing. One would never think our religious freedoms would be under attack, yet we all know what has happened regarding Christian values. This is not a one night celebration, this is our chance to stand on the national stage in front of the national news and make a difference.”

“The Posse” on Stage at the Western Freedom Festival

Multiple parents put a stop to the use of our children as props in a 5,000 seat red, white and blue Teaparty arena with a patriotic middle aged PlayGirl modeling country star singing from the heart, as the school district reversed course and said, “It’s our policy not to be involved in events that have a political agenda.”

Instead, their former anti-public lands fundraiser at $40 a pop turned into a plea to come get free tickets, as Commissioners from seven counties gave them away to their friends, Chambers of Commerce and tourism bureaus (a crime the Utah Attorney General overlooked) and still couldn’t fill the place. I bought high price, second row, early.

During this time, self proclaimed ‘Mormon Girl’ Marjorie Haun took notice and wrote several pieces for the Franklin Center and its, propaganda arms of the Koch Donors Trust network charged to assist the efforts of the American Legislative Exchange Council and public lands transfer, Bert Smith ground-up financially assisted, Utah based American Lands Council.

In a piece fraught with lies verified by my conversation with the Iron County school district Superintendent a few days before the event, Haun doxed my wife and I. In it she disclosed our street address. Only days later the Franklin Center deleted it. She now shills the same shit with

Illustrating their unprofessionalism, Haun, Noel and The Posse sought to berate Southern Utah University students who protested the event. With son by side as we stood by the side of these students, everyone assembling for the now failed concert, Noel purposefully sought me out and introduced himself, trying to intimidate, extending the Trumpian handshake. But, I pulled him closer, tighter, lingered. Seemingly shaken by the lack of deference, with Haun monkey-calling and The Posse venting their venomous anger, he proceeded to declare us clowns. I made a video documenting their bully, Koch’d up antics.

The crisp October day after was the Iron County Heritage Festival shit-sheep run and parade down Main Street of Cedar City. A BLM Law Enforcement Ranger met and stood with us. I wondered aloud why at the time but was told it was due to Haun’s doxing, driving home my lines of inquiry, sense of public duty and service, and might do to our family. Of my partner’s profession and her safety.

But, I persisted and, although my partner was not pleased I was never asked to stop, and LaVoy Finicum caught my eye. I began investigating and writing about him, documenting his association with Arizona militiaman Cope Reynolds, including the November 2015 meeting with Dixie ranchers where they promised militia protection if permitees renounced their grazing permits. Imagine fifty to one hundred Bundy standoffs. This two months before Finicum and the Bundy boys takeover of Malheur. While Finicum was recruiting, Cliven and sons were on their own mission to save the Hammonds, and each party had a distinct, coordinated, role to play leading to the occupation.

During the January 2016 occupation, I took my kids to meet LaVoy Finicum and document that the FBI did not have a perimeter and the militants were traveling freely, of how the FBI was acting negligently, and that people of color would not be treated with such deference.

I wrote of how Noel threatened ‘bloodshed’ if federal agencies didn’t change their way to his liking at a shameful anti-federal public lands Congressional hearing held during the standoff — just four days before virus Finicum was shot dead. Congressmen Rob Bishop and now resigned Jason Chaffetz spent an entire day lambasting federal lands agencies and their employees, enabling The Posse and Koch operatives to spread hateful rhetoric like Noel’s that threatened the life of my family.

I must say, one of my proudest moments as an activist was that Noel became unhinged, perhaps remembering our Western Freedom Festival handshake three months earlier, breaking Congressional decorum after the hearing adjourned, standing, developing the lie, and spitting,

“While we were sitting here, a Tweet came out from a man who is the husband of the District Manager for the BLM. And he Tweeted that I said there will be blood. I want it to be very clear I did not call for any blood. I said … this is a provocateur. We have him in our area. He happens to be the husband of the BLM Manager. The reason we have problems is because of people like this. I didn’t say there will be blood…”

“Yes you did!” from the audience.

“…I didn’t say we’re gonna have blood. But there are people out there who want to make that point.”

You bet your ass there are, Mike.

Noel has been rumored to be nominated by Trump as Director of the BLM — a perfect fit as they both jeopardize the lives of public servants.

I gave the thesis of my next piece to the Salt Lake Tribune, as I was ready to publish in Counterpunch the day after Finicum was shot but was worried about the safety of our family and asked editor Jeffrey St. Clair to pull it. The piece followed the efforts of Smiths, Finicum, and a conistsent Sagebrush lawyer Todd MacFarlane who were working together to implement Finicum and Reynolds rancher permit renouncing plan of which I wrote of before the occupation, only this time it was being used to support occupation and named Storm Over Rangelands, the title of the Smith’s friend Wayne Hage’s book. I published it a month later in the Southern Utah Independent.

We kept our kids home from school for two days after the shooting of now movement martyr Finicum who we met with his now widow, Jeanette, two weeks earlier. Curtains drawn, explaining the situation of his death, our danger, to our kids, that mom’s work for the BLM and dad’s writing about public lands anger people who might threaten us.

I then wrote of Mormon Theo-constitutionalism, tying Church doctrine, business interests, Sagebrush Rebellion and the Bundy events to multiple Prophets who directed the roles of Cleon Skousen who, with the assistance of Bert and Kathy Smith, proceeded to indoctrinate not just the faithful but unbelieving Gentiles into their form of ‘Constitutionalism’ manifest in pearl snapped and military fatigue pockets.

Not ever forgetting Oregon, I also developed a heavy primary source linked entity relational diagram titled The Motivation and Money of Malheur Standoff that followed the Smith enabled Sagebrush-militia movement. My intent was to shed light on a large facet of the underlying politic of western lands and to chastise the enablers of this violence.

And, as I went about and continued my routine as the primary caregiver to our children, investigating, writing and critiquing the powerful and dangerous theo-constitutional political players, at times overtly challenging a Cowboy Myth starstruck mainstream media, my partner never let me know of her threat and possible danger to our family. Not until late June 2017, a few months ago, eighteen months later.

I feel sad she lived alone with this threat — of which I know no details — only because of her vocation. I understand her bravery and reticence, as she understands that I have a big mouth.

We knew the territory but could only take eighteen months. Our marriage was dissolving and we had to get out for the safety and happiness of our family. The situation was untenable and we moved back to Oregon in late 2016, as Koch Haun announced to her faithful brothers and sisters with her piece, Internet “Monkey Wrench” Grumbler Goes Back to Oregon with His BLM Wife.” Although we are very happy and have grown, we still struggle as I am troubled that the case is still open as the Bundys go on trial, a possible Presidential pardon looms, the FBI and land management agencies secretive, neglectful and dismissive, and the danger to federal lands employees and their families is intensifying.

This piece exemplifies our collective struggle.


While the indoctrinated theo-constitutional Mormon delegation continues the hardball legislative scorched public earth role it has always played in Congress, Kathy Smith carries on Bert’s pocket constitution legacy, having been with him at the National Center for Constitutional Studies since the early-70s. The National Federal Lands Conference lives on, too, as she continues directing, funding and promoting events to recruit permit renouncing ranchers for the next iteration of grazing ‘protest’ with deadly consequences and a lone wolf or two.

For the Bundy and Finicum clans, they learned the Skousen/Smith grift, fundraising and ‘teaching’ the Constitution around the country both in person and via social media while they fight their respective battles. All of them — Smith, Finicum, Bundy — continue to work together.

For the Finicums, it means attempting to expose through a wrongful death suit a blundering, secretive, FBI who attempted to cover up two sniper shots at LaVoy. The kicker is only one currently faces charges and is on trial, the remaining Hostage Rescue Team members — the secretive team developed in response to Ruby Ridge in the ’90s Wise Use era — remain disgustingly untouched. I wrote my wish of widow Jeanette’s success in her wrongful death suit as they continue to secretively bungle.

For the Bundys, they have resorted to a Roger Stone brokered Trump pardon of Cliven and crew. Beyond the vile rhetoric of theo-constitutional western Mormon politicians, what would such a thing say and do to enable the self proclaimed Patriots that include the largely Gentile militia component? To the federal land management workforce Trump directs through the Executive Branch? Regarding the professional composition and competence of the professional public lands workforce in the future given the threats of violence and lack of FBI and DOJ follow through?

For the Koch bought Utah theo-constitutional Congressional delegation, it means they double down and stay the course, as House Resources Committee chair Rep. Rob Bishop has scheduled hearings at the end of August to coincide with the release of the strong armed Trump/Zinke Antiquities Act and Monument review and eventual downsizing of and legal battle over Bears Ears National Monument. He will continue to downplay threats to federal employees the review brings, illustrated by his refusal to hold hearings last year as per requests by Democrats shortly after the fall of Malheur. Instead, the Democrats held their own unofficial forum. Bishop, sounding like Noel, said four days into Malheur, “I want it to end without violence, but I also understand the frustration and feelings people have working with land agencies. They have been very heavy-handed.”

Bishop’s Democratic counterpart on the House Resources Committee Rep. Raul Grijalva is keeping up the good fight, unintimidated by the loud mouthed Mormon bullies. In June he asked the Government Accountability Office to investigate threats to federal employees writing in his letter,

“Unfortunately, while the events at Malheur may have been unusually public, they were not an isolated incident. Many of the Malheur plotters are associated with a broader anti-government movement that, for decades, has targeted federal facilities and employees throughout the Western United States.”

Grijalva and his Democratic counterparts would be wise to introduce legislation — The Federal Civil Servant Protection Act of 2018 — to tie agency hands by pressing for a single database that tracks all threats to the federal workforce, mandating all Federal civil service agency use and defining a criteria constituting a threat. Further, this legislation should mandate the chosen agency, either the FBI, DHS, or the more independent Office of Personnel Management to provide an annual report to Congress that includes threat assessments, initiatives, and status reports of long-term open investigations by agency. Lastly, make it a federal crime to threaten any federal employee as defined by such legislation.

We know how politically intimidated federal agencies without a clear, overseen, Congressional mandate respond, as the BLM pulled their staff completely after Bunkerville and natural and cultural resources suffered greatly. We also know federal employees beyond law enforcement were and continue to be threatened. We just don’t know how many, the specifics of the actual threats, and disposition of the cases.

As shown through both Bunkerville and Malheur, the FBI continues its reticence involving themselves with white western men who wear camouflage cowboy hats and brandish guns. In Bunkerville, they once again left a compatriot federal agency (DOI/BLM) fend for itself. Malheur, they first pawned it off to Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward and Oregon State Police, and in the end never told the militants to leave the federal facility nor established a perimeter to contain and hold them accountable. This bungling has lead to one of Justice’s greatest losses in history as they narrowed of the scope and number of indicted as part of the Malheur conspiracy that, in my view, lead to the acquittal of Ammon Bundy and crew.

Compounding misery, they lost the first Bunkerville/Tier 2 trial. Seeming offered no other choice, in the retrial prosecutors are finally making the connection between the broader militia movement — one that that should include Sagebrush Rebels from Deseret — and the horrible tragedy of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Nonetheless, the FBI continues to have multiple open investigations into threats made against federal employees since Bunkerville and Malheur without resolution and for which they will not disclose, I argue that the disclosure possibly would have strengthened their cases.


Remember the Utah bomber Bill Keebler who planned to blow up BLM facilities in support of the Sagebrush Rebels of Dixie and was arrested in June 2016? He was rightfully arrested but questionably entrapped by the FBI. Initially the DOJ charging documents said LaVoy Finicum and Keebler together casing targets and later retracted that association, yet another indication of the quality of work product or cross purposes of FBI and DOJ. While Keebler was the only charged, he was staying with the Finicum’s at their Arizona ranch. His current trial date is scheduled for November 2017.

I wonder now if he was targeting us.

In effect, the lives of federal workers and their families have been and continue to be used like pawns, as this line for the Prosecution would have been relevant at every tier of both trials. Justifiably, federal employees and their families feel abandoned as the Executive (FBI, DHS, DOJ) and Congress consistently neglect them.

In all honesty, the record indicates DOJ will also lose the Tier 1 Bunkerville trial grouping of Cliven and his sons. Even if Tier 1 are found guilty, in all likelihood the Bundy cattle and threats will remain as the BLM will still be loath to remove them. Today, with Gold Butte National Monument designated, BLM staff are still largely absent, volunteers from Friends of Gold Butte and other organizations picking up these tasks, monitoring and rehabilitating archaeological sites, illegal roads and water developments, as a form of vigilante public service. These people are also at risk.

The question is, what will the Sagebrush Militias transform itself into? Probably more disgruntled white militia III% / Oathkeeper types, a Dixie rancher or three lead by Cliven/Finicium pact holder Stanton Gleave, continued enabling high pitched rhetoric from the Smith theo-con network lead by loudmouths like Noel, and unresolved threats to an unknown number of federal employees.

We already know how the militias and their Smith/Koch mouthpieces are responding this time: The same way they always have with their propaganda machines and politicians hard at work fomenting and denying violence to the federal workforce.

And today they, like Koch Donor’s Trust shill Haun, working hard with their politicians playing hardball doxing, using all the available resources of the internet to intimidate silence from federal employees, whistleblowers and the Press that reports on their malignant malevolence.

Today we also have loudmouth Alex Jones and his InfoWars calling for a civil war as ‘Pardon the Bundys’ Roger Stone appears on his show hawking friend Donald Trump who needs a diversion, more gun toting’ supporters beyond the usual white alt-right, as the Special Council and Grand Juries threaten both his Presidency and child-like ego.

Finally we have militiaman B.J. Soper, a III% leader in Redmond, Oregon who was at Malheur, who buys Smith, Jones and Haun’s propaganda, in a “come to Jesus talk” posted on YouTube in early August in response to modern militias being tied to Oklahoma City,

“We’ve been pleadin’ with everybody. You have got to stop simply talking. It is now time for action. It is time to stand firm, with your neighbor, with your group, with the people in Las Vegas, with the Bundys, the Hammonds…Everybody, we have got to stand up and get off of these stupid phones and facebook and get in front of people, and let them know that you’re not crossing one more inch of our territory, of our line. You’re not taking one more smidgen of our rights, and we are going to stand strong. And you can kill us, and you can fight us, but we’re going to stand here in defiance.

“I’m an outlaw. I’m claimin’ it right now.”

To her well deserved credit, Jeanette was interviewed by InfoWars while on tour this past June at the Red Pill Expo, she breaking the end of the interview to look into the camera at friends like Soper,

“I want to say to the American people, please stand up for what you know is your right, stand up for freedom, stand up for liberty, and let’s help reinstate the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. But let’s do it responsibly and peacefully. I don’t know how much more to express that.”

As someone who loves his soulmate and family deeply, I understand and agree. Completely.