Not that type of growth…the ‘C’ word. Maintaining a balance is never easy nor is it static. For me recently, that’s the 4 F’s in no particular order: Family, Friends, Function, and Fitness. ‘Function’ I’ll look at as we’re all robots! I kid, I kid. I look at it as your role, your job, your hobby, your passion, and so on and that may be wrapped into one. Recently, ‘fitness’ to me has been gaining priority and striking that balance in the “priorities” pie chart. ‘Fitness’ is interchangeably ‘wellness’ in my humble opinion encompassing sleep, eating well, and exercising. We’re…

Where do you see yourself in five years? How about next week? How about tomorrow? Asked that same first question, I said, “I’d like to have started a business.” As of a few months ago, I’m Founder and, by default, Principal Engineer of Glyph Technology barring some slight latency in that outlook: fully licensed, fully insured, fully taxed, etc… uh yeah, fully responsible. Hey! Don’t pick-on my web frontend too much since ‘tisn’t my forté. …

Credit: Wikipedia/Fabio Lanari

You’re surfing the web, enjoying great content and great articles, looking for the next great, digital deal. Little did you know, that deal has found you: “Congratulations!” it says with a buzz.

Even when constantly overwhelmed by commercialization, we enjoy service providers that offer free services. Well, TINSTAAFL if you took Econ in school: “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” We generally accept the trade-off between advertisers and service providers for varying levels of service(and we sometimes endure). Occasionally, an advertiser sneaks past the “well-vetted” brand names on a site to offer ‘unbelievable’ deals…I mean ‘walking on…

In the layer cake of web security, we rely upon fundamentals like firewall rules, certificates, rate limiting, connection throttling, network segmentation, blackhole routing, and others to improve our digital offering. DNS, however, is one fundamental overlooked beyond its basic offering of highly-available registry information. There are a few things that can be tapped to improve your digital presence to a fortress level:

  • DNS Security Extensions(DNSSEC)
  • Sender Policy Framework(SPF)
  • Split Horizon with BIND ‘views’


Given you/your company runs your own DNS, it’s important to look at enabling DNSSEC for improving registry authenticity and avoiding someone masquerading as your DNS server. For…

Chris Anderson

Systems + Networking Expert, Security Driven, DIYer, Founder of Glyph Technology

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