Some problems with social media commenting

The problem with social media commenting is that in large part comments are made at random with little to no context.

Further the comment is often ill informed and making a statement based on partial, half truths or insufficient evidence to make a clear cut argument for the statement they just made. Comments are made that are near or short sighted and it all becomes somewhat of a super facial dilemma cause the person who made the post either disappears or doesn’t stay to defend his or her stance which is generally a line or few lines of text.

Then someone else chimes in with a half thought through statement or short sighted emotional response and the energy of the entire post is merely diminished by the lack of focus as to what the issue really was in the first place.

Meanwhile the poster waits for a collaborator and agreer so they can feel validated by they’re own post.

The superficial and radically emotional posters have cut to the next thing and the chain is left dangling with basically nothing of any substance or has become so over burdened with commentary that the main thread is lost and thus people are arguing sub points or simply moved on.

It’s not necessarily a problem it’s just kind of the way our communication is today.

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