How dare you fire through children

Just because your target hides behind children, the aged, civilians, and the sick all the time doesn’t give you the right to bomb all those children, aged, civilians, and sick.

You’re not allowed to just blame the target for being calculated cowards and then feel totally blameless and righteous.

At all.

No bombs.

They’re not cowards they’re just dealing as best they can with air superiority. So, you’ll just need to find another way.

Killing kids, the aged, the sick, and civilians with the rationalization that they are the monsters and cowards for using human shields doesn’t change the fact that bombing, rocketing, droning, mortaring, or firing cannons through children, civilians, moms, the aged, the infirm, the sick, and the injured is equal to or worse than anything the enemy has ever done to us ever.

It’s never a good calculated risk, weddings included.

As a culture I believe we’ve gone from “kill one to save a thousand” to “kill a thousand to kill one.”

Just saying.

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