I know you have your fill of webinars but….

From Shashi Bellamkonda:

“Hi All,

Wanted to share this with you. We are organizing a webinar on trends in local search and insights with Collin Colburn of Forrester Research http://sfsoc.us/28Oayi0 .
Thought you and your team may be interested in attending.
Collin will be sharing insights fresh from his Forrester Research report that has just been published. You can expect to hear trends like :- Digital spend is overtaking TV spend this year, search is becoming more contextual with local (50% of local search have local intent) and tactics companies use to entice local searchers.
We expect to get insights from research that has not been released before by Forrester including
Why local now?
What is local search?
What types of companies should care?
What offers should I give?
Get Recommendations on how to entice local searchers
I am looking forward to your being delighted by this webinar.