Dear Trump Supporter who says they love me,
Amanda Deibert

I just want to say a few things real quick. I didn’t vote for Trump. Unfortunately I live in a very red state (though I think Republicans should re-think their color choice) so my vote for Stein didn’t go anywhere (interesting tidbit — I know someone who wrote in Colin Powel). I’ve been thinking of adding to my ink collection a concentration camp-style tattoo that says “Never again.” I’ve been to Dachau, and seen the damage that kind of rhetoric can do. I unfortunately don’t have much money to donate (I kinda have to worry about eating on a daily basis, so that kind of has to be my priority), but there are other ways of donating. One can donate their time, skills, and energy. For example, Idaho has a movement called Add the Words, which is to get Idaho lawmakers to add “sexuality and gender identification” to the list of protected statuses. Perhaps if there isn’t such a movement going on in a particular state, start one.

On that note, I would ask for that list that was offered in the main article.

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