My new perspective on Heaven

All my life up til now, thinking about Heaven has made me sad and depressed, because it’s reminded me that I had to grow up with many disadvantages that prevented me from being as holy as other people. So when I thought about Heaven, I couldn’t imagine being happy there because I’d think about all the people who’d have more glory. But now I realize that was selfish of me, and it was making it all about me instead of God.

First of all, I can’t assume that I won’t be a saint by the time of my death. I don’t know what grace God will give me that might help me overcome the disadvantages I was born and raised with. But even if I don’t become as holy as those people, that won’t matter in Heaven. In Heaven, we’ll be completely united with God, and since God is love, our hearts will be filled with love. Love and envy can’t coexist, so we’ll have no room in our hearts for envy.

On Earth, we envy people because we want something they have that we don’t have. We have this desire because subconsciously we’re trying to fill the emptiness in our hearts that can only be filled by God. In Heaven, that emptiness will be filled by God.

If we’re humble on Earth, we consider it an honor and a privilege to meet a famous athlete or celebrity. We don’t think it takes anything away from us that they’re famous, we’re just happy to get the chance to meet them. I think that’s how it’ll be in Heaven, only there, it’ll be infinitely better. Imagine meeting your role model or favorite singer or athlete growing up. They’d probably sign your autograph, and that would be the entire interaction, because you don’t mean anything to them. Now Imagine them really wanting to get to know you, and loving you for who you are. Imagine them acting as if you’re just as great and worthy of praise as they are, telling you all about their life, and giving you a private concert or game. Imagine them asking you about your life, and really taking an interest in what you’re telling them. We’d completely forget about the differences in wealth, power, and status between us because we’d be so happy to make a new friend and to be truly loved and affirmed by that person. I think that’s how it’ll be in Heaven.

Since we’re made in the image of the Trinity, and there’s a hierarchy in the Trinity, there must be a hierarchy in Heaven as well. The people like the saints and others who’ve devoted their lives to God on Earth will have the most glory and power, and others will have less. But since we’ll have infinite peace and joy in Heaven, we’ll no longer be capable of wanting what we don’t have, because we’ll have everything we want and need with God. Our wills will be united with His, and so we’ll want only what He wants, which is for us to love Him and each other.

Also, the people who have the most glory won’t lord it over us, they’ll wanna share it with the people who have less. It’ll be the differences between us that add to our joy and happiness, not detract from it. In fact, that’s how it should be here on Earth. The only reason it’s not that way here is because we let our pride, ego, and insecurities get in the way, instead of appreciating the differences between each other and learning from each other.

The other reason envy won’t exist in heaven is because we’ll no longer have any self awareness, or at least not anything resembling the self awareness we have on Earth. I believe there will no longer be any concept of self because the body of Christ will be united with the head. We’ll be one organism, all united by God’s love. Once this unity happens, it’ll be like our brain controlling our body. The brain is where the will resides, and it controls every part of the body. Jesus is our brain, and in heaven our wills will be united to His perfect will. Does the heart envy the liver, or does the liver envy the foot? No, because each part of the body has a unique role, and it enables the body to function properly by doing that role and nothing else. So it will be in heaven. We’ll be overjoyed to be able to meet and interact with the saints. We’ll be completely filled with love and joy just as they will be, we’ll just be like smaller jars that are filled with water, compared to larger jars that are also filled with the same water.

There will be no room for envy because we’ll be overflowing with love, and when you’re overflowing with something, you naturally wanna share it with everyone you know. We won’t notice the differences between us because we’ll all be part of the same body, working in perfect harmony and unison to do God’s will.

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