The struggle between being a strong and confident man and being humble

One of the hardest things about being a man these days is finding the balance between being a strong and confident man, and being humble. It seems so many guys are on one end of the spectrum or the other. Many guys these days wanna puff out their chests and act like tough guys because their fragile egos need the boost that gives them. Many were raised without fathers, so they never witnessed what a man with true inner strength looks and acts like. Such a man doesn’t need to brag, or act tough because he knows who he is and lets his actions do the talking for him.

Then you have the other end of the spectrum, which also seems to be common these days, involving men who have no courage and try to avoid all conflicts or anything that requires any kind of sacrifice.

Both kinds of men are weak, and both are living selfish lives. But it is possible to strike the balance between being strong and courageous, yet also humble. There was one man in history who struck it perfectly, his name is Jesus. He stood up to the Romans and preached a radical message out in the open, knowing Jews and Romans alike would report Him to the authorities and eventually crucify Him for it. When they finally did arrest Him, He knew they were coming, yet didn’t run away. Even though He was God, even He felt fear, that’s why He asked God the Father if He could “let this cup pass from me, but your will be done”. Having true strength and courage doesn’t mean having no fear, it means taking that fear and giving it to God rather than letting it paralyze you into weakness.

Jesus even got angry, overturning the tables in the Temple when He found out it wasn’t being used for the right reasons. But it was righteous anger. However, as we see throughout the Gospels, the vast majority of the time Jesus is deeply humble and loving with everyone He interacts with. He wasn’t interested in proving how strong He was, He was interested in saving souls, which He did. As men, that should be our goal as well. Everything else is secondary to that.

There are times to practice humility, and times to use our God-given strength and courage. It takes wisdom to know when to use each, and that also comes from God. All we have to do is ask for it and He’ll happily give us all the wisdom we need to carry out His will and help others. In the process, we’ll at least be on our way to becoming the perfect man that Jesus was, and growing in both strength and humility.