Scene from Warner Bros.’ movie, Wonder Woman based on DC Comics character.

Wonder Woman: The Greatest Sales Movie Ever

This superhero has attributes like those of great sellers.

Last weekend marked the third time I have taken one of our daughters to see Wonder Women since Warner Bros. released this summer’s blockbuster staring Gal Gabot. She would watch it over and over if we’d let her.

But the film is more than a marvelous character and great story…I saw in Wonder Woman attributes that make sellers great. Five stand out:

#1 Rise to the Occasion

Diana leaving the island of Themyscira to pursue Ares, God of War, is akin to moments great sellers embrace in their career: the need to “step up.” Such taking of control could be adding a new territory, covering for a colleague, or leading a new initiative.

Whether driven by initiative, or asked by a sales leader, this reveals much about a person’s drive, capacity, and overall willingness to stretch themselves. Attitude matters.

#2 Tools to Win

Diana was trained relentlessly by her aunt, General Antiope. Before leaving the island, she sought out armaments — shield, sword, and Lasso of Truth.
In the sales world, these can be seen as metaphors for tools and training sellers need to be successful.

Sales leaders have a responsibility to equip teams with insights, sales aids, best practices and supporting processes. Sellers use them to gain advantage. Otherwise the odds of winning drop precipitously.

#3 Power of Empathy

This is a moving scene: while walking along the battle line, Diana sees a distraught mother holding a baby. They had barely escaped the tiny village of Veld occupied by the enemy. What really happened: Diana sees pain, takes the time to actively listen, and adjusts her plan.

A big takeaway from a seller perspective is the power that comes with being continually aware of one’s surroundings. “Discovering” new information like this can make the difference between winning and losing a sale.

#4 Crossing “No Man’s Land”

This is one of my daughter’s favorite scenes: Wonder Woman blazes a path through “No Man’s Land,” drawing fire from the enemy frontline. Witness fearlessness, courage and determination.

Digging deeper, one can see this as a force multiplier. Others are inspired to follow, first her fellow travelers then British soldiers. Great sellers are like force multipliers: they change the dynamic so that big goals get accomplished. They inspire everyone to “give more.”

#5 Summoning Inner Strength

Diana breaking free of the metal “treads” Ares had wrapped around her in the epic Good vs. Evil battle is a reminder that in sales it’s never over till it’s over.

The power of resiliency was on full display. Breaking through the noise, capitalizing on narrow windows of opportunity with prospects, and striving to educate by adding value and challenging perceptions are critical to seller success. Belief in oneself and mission are sources of great strength.

Channel Your Inner Wonder Woman

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Perhaps you will see what I saw in Gabot’s Wonder Woman character — a winning combination of attributes all great sellers have.

This article originally appeared on True Partners Advisory.

Chris is founder and managing director of True Partners Advisory, which specializes in helping emerging companies become market leaders by creating predictable, scalable revenue growth. He can be reached at

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