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Happy Cinco de Mayo from the University of New Hampshire! Wow — last full week of classes. Last class of the semester is Monday. It’s hard to believe it’s almost over, again. It’s funny to live a cyclical life. It does give a sort of punctuation to the days and years, though, which is nice. I used to get that from the periodic duty station transfers the Army imposed. Now I stay in place and the students come and go.

Speaking of coming and going, the Moving Wall is visiting the UNH campus this week. My daughter took this picture while she was visiting it with her high school class.

So now you should go check out these leadership links!


What: from the Huffington Post, The Fascinating Science Behind ‘Talking’ With Your Hands, Caroline Gregoire

Why: My student Jason shared this article on his blog and I thought it was fun, so I’m sharing it with you. In particular this caught my eye: “A study analyzing TED Talks last year found that the most popular, viral speakers used an average of about 465 hand gestures, which is nearly twice as many as the least popular speakers used.” Something to think about when we reflect on how we communicate.


What: Every Meeting Ever (4 minutes)

Why: I share this as a bit of Friday levity. Kyle and Erin presented on meeting management last week in our organizational behavior class. This was an example of what not to do. But it’s so bad it actually is a pretty good lesson.


What: my latest Health Leader Forge interview with Richard W. Silveria, SVP of Finance and CFO of Boston Medical Center

Why: Rich is the CFO of a $1.2B hospital, and when you add in the rest of the BMC system, it’s about a $3B organization. Why wouldn’t you want to hear what he has to say? Seriously, Rich is quite humble in his personal story, and shares a lot of great management insights. Rich talks about driving change in this interview, and I think that is the key to being a successful finance person: yes, you have to do all the tactical stuff — payroll, close the books, etc., but finance puts you right at the heart of an organization and you have to be able to draw back and see the forest as well as the trees.

That’s it for this week!

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