The Beloved Store Cats of San Francisco

1. Dogg, a classic bodega cat

Dogg is perched on her cardboard box throne.
Left: Dogg is given a tribute on the store’s mural. Right: Dogg chills in a basket.

2. Owen, purr-veyor of books

Need to reach a book on a higher shelf? Too bad.

3. Louise, guard cat

4. Sherman, the greeter cat

Sherman graciously accepts a pat.
A day in the life of Sherman

5. Boots, coffee snob

What is she thinking about?
Boots hopes to one day be in this mural as well.

6, 7 and 8. Loretta, Dolly and Piper

The cats of Animal House in Lower Haight. Thanks Kat Siegal for the top right photo!



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