White Guilt is actually White Narcissism
Emma Lindsay

What does that make people like me? I sure look white but, I am in reality a mutt, mixed between German, English, and Native American. I was raised dirt poor and by a single mother. What are people like me? We refuse to see race at all to make a judgement. We refuse to placate based on race. Emma you have uncovered a key here. People like me are often called racist when we refuse to bow to some “white narcissist” or some racist who doesn’t understand the word or the real problem with his/her point of view. So who then are the real racists? I oppose Native Reservations not because I am racist but, because I find them destructive and racist, because they harm the native people. I oppose BLM not because of race but, because I find their methods toxic and stupid. I find laying in a freeway to be stupid no matter your race. So what are people like me? I reject “White Narcissism” because it is in fact racism and if we look at this from this perspective we have to accept that the entire race debate is functioning on narcissism and that anyone addressing racism from an activist stand point is in fact a racist…..

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