Day 2/90 Building a 5 Figure Media Agency

Today is off to a GREAT start because …

I’m wearing my brand new Nike Air Force 1’s and sitting inside a cooled off Starbucks drinking my iced Americano —

It’s 110 degrees outside…

I can’t even…

So, last night, I received quite an amazing challenge from Dennis Yu, a master of Facebook marketing and data analytics —

Dennis has run campaigns for the Golden State Warriors, Nike, and Red Bull.

No big deal, right?

To give you and idea of how incredible he is, he turned a 1 million dollar ad budget into a $30 million return on investment!!

Inspiring AF

What’s more impressive is that Dennis is a REALLY, REALLY nice guy.

He’s more timely with his responses than anybody I’ve met— considering how busy he is. I can FEEL how much he cares just by the way he writes. People like Dennis inspire me to be a better person and to pass on whatever I learn.

Thank you for the challenge Dennis Yu

I accept.


I’m using an excel spreadsheet to determine my pricing structure for my potential client on Tuesday. He’s a real estate professional which is the first vertical I want to target since real estate is what I know.

I sold $3m of real estate products in 3 months this past year in LA


Gabriel Machuret for inspiring me to start my own 90 day challenge ❤

I started the day completing the following:

  1. Create my toolkit
  2. Create my daily checklist
  3. Define my vertical (real estate agents)
  4. Map out my services and pricing

Day #2 Stats

Day #2 Hours worked: 3

Overall Hours worked: 5

Funds: $-200.00

Spent : $0

Income : $0

Phone calls: 1

Emails sent: 0

Leads: 0

Feeling: GREAT

88 days to go