Some thoughts on launch week.

My partner and I launched our new pop culture media company this week. This is our fancy way of describing our new podcast and bare bones website. It’s called ReNerding. Matt (my partner) and I have both launched projects before — mine mainly as an individual, Matt occasionally with another person, but mainly himself. But this one feels different. We did the following:

  1. We had the idea.
  2. We created it.
  3. We launched it.

We did this in the span of about 2.5 months. We were influenced and inspired by Seth Godin’s idea of just launch the damn thing. It is not perfect. It’s not even amazing. Its good enough. There are issues with our audio, with links, etc. But these are baby steps. This venture is our side hustle — we are doing it amidst full time jobs, families, and our individual endeavors (Matt is an illustrator, I’m a writer.)

I have to say that launching something that is just ‘good enough’ is liberating. It is out in the world. Our names are attached to it. We have the usual hopes and aspirations: quit our jobs, spend our days creating what we love, grow our team, become financially secure. But even if none of this happens, there are two things I’ve learned:

  1. Have fun doing what you do.
  2. Just fucking get it out there.

It’s not fun (for me) to edit a podcast or format a website; but it must be done. Its fun to record the podcast and to see the site, but these things must be done in order for it to be shared. And so even the parts that aren’t that much fun are still fun.

And this experience of creating and launching with another person has taught me a lot about myself. I need that accountability to get things done. The brainpower of another person is amazing and powerful.

So, check out the site and the podcast. Let me know what you think.