Prague, anyone? 7 places we loved — and a new Choose a Way book

To say we enjoyed Prague is an understatement.

Prague was probably my second-favorite city (Berlin goes down as #1) as we traveled across Europe. With the Prague Choose a Way book being released today, I look back at some of my favorite places around the Czech capital.

Museum of Communism

So it’s clear, I had little influence in which places the author of the Prague Choose a Way book chose. We both chose this place as a worthy destination — plenty of oddities inside cover the history of Communism, balancing informative with entertaining. Almost every aspect of the Communist lifestyle and country is covered, and there’s plenty of English text around.

Sex Machines Museum

Some manual stimulation, anyone? Let’s just say finding a safe-for-work photo at a very not-safe-for-work destination is a more difficult proposition than expected. You’ll definitely want to leave the kiddies at home for this one, along with anyone else that blushes easily. Presenting plenty of toys, clothes, and equipment on multiple floors that’ll put anyone in the mood.

Museum of Torture (and the Medieval Torture Museum)

It might be a little morbid for some, but the Museum of Torture actually aims to raise awareness of how torture was used in the past — and is still used today. It’s a bit dark inside The Medieval Torture Museum (a completely separate place) does away with the modern times and show plenty of reproductions of devices and tools used centuries ago.No photos allowed inside, unfortunately (though a few people I saw snuck some with their photos) Neither should be visited just after lunch, but both are worth visiting.

Mirror maze on Petrin Hill

Another place we agreed on! Petrin Hill has plenty of sights at the top of the funicular, and the mirror maze was a great form of entertainment way back in the day. Close your eyes and feel around for a greater challenge — it’s rather small but features plenty of works of art around.

Karel Zemana special effects museum

If you’re the sort that loves to see how the magic in a film is made, you’ll love this one. The kid-friendly museum celebrates a beloved Czech director who made fanciful, fun movies during the mid-20th century. While these costumes don’t have much interactive value to them, plenty of exhibits offer photo opportunities — check out the flying helicopter for one.

Alchemist Museum

Kitsch, anyone? Along with the related Ghosts and Legends Museum, the Alchemist Museum features a carefully setup path with a number of fables and stories for your perusal. Much like a decent magic show, you may not be completely fooled, but allow yourself to suspend disbelief and take the story in.

Beer Museum Prague

One of the best places to both learn about beer and try some, your admission comes with four generous samplers of local brews — getting a buzz is part of the fun. Complete with plenty of history of exhibits dedicated to a large local industry, it’s photogenic and has plenty of English.

Klement Gottwald’s mausoleum

What happens when your dead body slowly decomposes while you lay in state? If you’re Klement Gottwald, a Czechslovak communist politician, you’re eventually cremated in a building that has had plenty of history. It’s a little on the creepy side, but is only part of the fun here.

Here’s where the new book comes in…

The author, Marek Červeny, is a professional tour guide based in Prague. We actually used his services while visiting Prague, where he demonstrated his historical knowledge throughout the city first-hand. We even had the chance to check out a couple of his restaurant / bar recommendations after the tour was over, all of which were worthy. With 37 places throughout the city, Marek’s chosen a number of places that are both plenty touristy and plenty of local secrets.

Learn more about the book on Choose a Way, or go pick up the book for more than half off from today through the end of the month ($2.99 on Amazon or free on the Choose a Way site, normally $6.99).

Have you been to Prague? What did you enjoy about the city?

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