Random pictures: the ‘Chris being ridiculous’ edition


Oh, my long-suffering wife… or something like that…

The last few weeks of traveling Canada have been a lot of fun… especially in the ‘taking ridiculous pictures’ department. Some are selfies, some are taken by Laura, and at least one or two have been taken by passers-by.


Dandelions. EVERYWHERE! Seen at many roadsides across Atlantic Canada.


Yup, that’s right. We found the big strawberry. Somewhere in northern New Brunswick, pretty close to the bridge for PEI.


Another one of those times where curiosity gets the best of me. In case the design didn’t give it away, this is not a cannon, but a steam engine of some kind.


Atlantic Canada loves their Adirondack chairs (so much so that I triple-checked the spelling to ensure no angry e-mails). This one, located near the Wedgeport Tuna Museum in Nova Scotia, is a great chance to feel small. (The world’s largest, at 15 feet tall in Varney, Ontario, looks much more difficult to climb.)


No more lobster for me, thanks! Seen at a random intersection on PEI.


I could lift it. It’s just… trying to balance a giant potato is hard, that’s all… Seen in front of the Canadian Potato Museum on PEI.


So many buoy jokes, so little time. Taken at the Back Road Folkart on PEI, which also holds the world’s largest handheld eggbeaters.


No idea what I was going for here, trying to drag the chain… This is no acting, by the way — each link in this chain is likely 30–40 kilograms… Taken in Fredericton, New Brunswick.


The World’s Largest Axe — the handle sticks up in a comically high way. The tip I’m impaled on is (thankfully) blunted. Apparently I’m not the first tourist to have this idea…


Today, I’m a french fry! Seen outside the Potato World in New Brunswick.


Yes, I know it’s sealed. Still fun to think about shooting off a cannon every now and then.


Just chillaxing in the Captain’s chair like it’s no big deal.

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