Verbatim e-mail from my Mom about Hillary:

I have been reading your comments on Facebook. They are excellent — it’s nice to see that I have a very intelligent and articulate son. Unfortunately, the overall experience is depressing, since so many of the people you are engaging with seem so nutty.

Anyway, I came across this one about me, and felt the need to correct it. I was going to post under your comment but couldn’t figure out how to do that.


“So my mom also campaigned for a republican in Chicago in the late 50s early 60s — and she’s a tried and true liberal dem now. if you know anything about Daley’s Chicago Democratic Party of the 50s and 60s you might reconsider your opinion on her decisions. They invented segregationist public housing policy and made huge advances in political corruption, plus it was Daley’s police force that beat up the protestors during the dem 68!convention. Read American Pharaoh, and remember that in the cities back then, democrats were the party of graft and machine politics.”


This isn’t accurate. I’ve never actually campaigned for any Republican in Chicago or anywhere else. What I did do, though, is pretty bad. I was a 17-year old freshman at Catholic University in D.C. in the fall of 1960, and I was practically the only one in my dorm who was rooting for Nixon to beat Kennedy in the 1960 election. Why? I admired my father and he was an Eisenhower Republican. But more important, all the girls in the dorm were for Kennedy because he was a Catholic and also, he was so CUTE. Those seemed like terrible reasons to vote for somebody. But my contrarianism was just as mindless. Especially since I found out later that my father liked Eisenhower but had despised Nixon ever since the Nixon/Helen Gahagan Douglas race. He voted for Kennedy!

By the time I graduated from Harvard (after transferring there in my junior year) I had learned enough about politics to know that I was a passionate (but thinking) liberal and I’ve been one ever since.

Before I say anything about Hillary, let me say that I’m a strong advocate for women but I don’t mindlessly vote my gender. I voted for Obama in the last two elections because I decided that he was the better candidate — he had the background, experience, education, temperament, and views on the issues to be an exceptional president. And I think I was right.

Back to Hillary: My impression is that she went through a similar evolution to mine. She had a Republican father and she may have been “a girl for Goldwater” in high school. But by the time she graduated from Wellesley she was a charismatic, passionate liberal who gave a fiery speech at graduation and was expected to go on to do great things (this is sentence based on a recent conversation with my favorite fellow campaigner for local Democrats, who was in Hillary’s class.)

Both Hillary and I have been registered, voting members of the Democratic Party ever since. As I understand it, Bernie Sanders only joined the Democratic Party in 2015! Why do people seem so outraged that John Lewis is supporting Hillary? EVEN IF Sanders and Clinton were equally qualified to be president (and it’s my considered opinion that he’s nowhere near as qualified as she is), he obviously has no commitment to the Democratic Party. If I were a Congressperson, that would be more important than what Hillary did back in high school.

Anyway, if you feel like it, you can post any of the above verbiage. Or not.

Don’t forget to send me the info about how much you spent on the hotel.