A review of the numbers in the “Irish slaves” meme
Liam Hogan

SIGH! Another LOST Liberal who absolutely used LIBERAL accounts of history to try and establish yet another lie! It’s appalling how these young kids nowadays have NO CLUE how to REALLY do history research! Too bad you haven’t got a clue about HOW to CROSS REFERENCE historical records with written Liberal BS text…

CLEARLY the The King James I Proclamation of 1625 and ALL the documentation that surrounds it, which “IS” public record in England shows that they were “NOT” indentured workers!It CLEARLY defines them as SLAVES, and it CLEARLY shows throughout the records captured later, and Antigua’s records the term SLAVE was used, and NEVER was there ever a “compensation” for work ever given…

It’s PATHETIC to have someone who basically took a college homework project trample all over the very well known FACTS that Irish Slaves, were indeed SLAVES!! And, for the second part, the count of 300,000 is actually VERY CONSERVATIVE! Some historians, who are NOT Liberals, but English Historians, think the numbers could have been as high as 600,000! What the OTHER Historians won’t tell you, because they want to cover up the fact that WHITES were slaves too, is that more than 90% of all documentation has either been destroyed or was purposely never recorded! However, there are MANY accounts of ships carrying “White Slaves” listed on ship Manifests that were NEVER truly accounted for.

If you want to actually write something, and call it FACT… Do Your Homework!! Don’t just visit your college’s library where the books have been SELECTIVELY hand chosen to then create a farce!

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