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We are excited to announce that we are entering into a collaboration with Livepeer.

The Livepeer project aims to deliver a cryptoeconomically incentivized protocol and open media server for live video broadcasting, resulting in a cheaper, more scalable, and more decentralized live streaming solution than exists today.

“This collaboration offers us the opportunity to align our creator economy with Livepeer’s backend protocol and more rapidly achieve our vision of a fully decentralized economy that will empower content creators,” says Chris Barrett, CMO of Stream.

Eric Tang, Co-founder and CTO of Livepeer, goes into depth about our collaboration in his blog…

I was one of the first YouTubers to monetize their videos through Google AdSense. I’d joined YouTube 18 months prior, in early 2006, when I began uploading exclusive content from Sundance Film Festival (my first video) and the set of the popular television show 24.

After a year of using YouTube as a fun, creative outlet, and while the 2008 Obama presidential campaign was ramping up, I realized that we had reached a unique point in history, when independent content creators could capture political videos and share them digitally for anyone with internet access to see. …

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(October 26, 2017) — STREAM, the innovator of a blockchain based token for content creators, is proud to announce it has closed its $5 million “advisor round” pre-sale. The STREAM Token was conceived as a way to finally allow digital media creators to earn a fair living from their work, without being exploited by streaming platforms that take an unreasonably large share of their revenue.

Notable backers of the STREAM Token “advisor round” include Pantera Capital, Coinfund, FBG Capital, BLOCKCHAIN PARTNERS Korea, and INBlockchain, along with individual participants like Jed McCaleb, Michael Arrington, David Johnston, Leon Fu, Roland Hicks, Andrew…

It’s become cliché to say we hate voicemails, yet we still leave and receive them. Whether or not we actually listen to voicemails is another story. I currently have 56 unlistened-to voicemails on my phone, and I know I’m not alone. No one has time to listen to voicemails anymore. They’re a relic from a bygone era that was markedly less efficient. Voicemails are the signature of miscommunication, phone tag, schedule mix-ups, and poor planning.

So, when Apple announced the new iOS 10 would offer voicemail transcription, techies and busy entrepreneurs rejoiced and surmised the new feature would “fix” voicemail…

I never wanted to work a traditional job. I’ve always had entrepreneurial drive. But, like many young entrepreneurs, I used to believe you have to be a “hustler” to succeed.

You know the type: those tireless Starbucks addicts who never sleep and spend every waking hour on their phones: talking, texting, networking, networking, networking. Hustling. Hustlers spin their wheels and burn the candle at both ends, because they think the only way to come out on top is to drive themselves into the ground.

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Hustle on the dance floor, not at work.

For years, I’d come up with various product and business ideas and “hustle” them. But I…

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Iced quad venti caramel macchiato

A perfect blend for the entrepreneurial grind

Back in 2008, I sensed a hole in my life. I was working at a traditional PR firm, grinding out the days, feeling life grow more predictable and routine by the second. At first, it was hard to put my finger on exactly what was wrong with me. But, the more I stressed out, the more I realized I was losing my identity. I was 26 and tired. In high school and college, I’d always identified myself as an inherently entrepreneurial person. When I was a kid, I was full of creative energy. I was compelled to think outside of…

Chris Barrett

Founder @PRServe, Author: Direct Your Own Life, Advises Tech Startups on Public Relations: @ChrisBarrett

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