I strongly believe that the blockchain technology isn’t a new thing to your ears. Neither is the internet a new thing. Since 2009 (when the first cryptocurrency was created), platforms and companies have been adopting the crypto ideology. Every platform comes with its juicy features. In this blog, let’s discuss one of the unique platforms that’ll definitely interest you.

There are many platforms where users can offer services while others can pay for these services. But then, how many of them have integrated the blockchain technology for the good of their users? πŸ€·β€β™‚

At this point, it is my pleasure to tell you about CREDITS.
CREDITS platform is a fully decentralized financial system for the direct interaction between participants using the peer-to-peer (P2P) principles. The CREDITS platform expands the prospective of using monetary services based on a distributed ledger, self-executing smart contracts, and of course, the CREDITS
cryptocurrency. The platform is aimed to unify all users on just one site, and providing them with a platform for creating and using monetary services; where you and I can both offer a service or use it. These monetary services include; the transfer of money, currency and value exchanges, crediting, funding, issuing of financial assets like stablecoins, digital assets, tokens, loyalty points, etc. These services are provided and used directly between users. In other words, everything is done without any intermediary. Hence, this ideology results in the provision of a more affordable, faster, and high-quality service.

The CREDITS platform opens a modern and immense market and a new prospective for using blockchain projects and services in the financial sector and some other sectors that haven’t been used due to the speed and transaction cost.

Some of the other features that the CREDIT platform offers includes

* A very fast transaction processing time: it takes about 0.1 seconds to confirm a transaction, and up to 5 blocks are generated each second.

* High decentralization level: Anyone can run a node and maintain the network. Anyone at all.

* An advanced level of security: Not all platforms offer you maximum security. However, the CREDITS platform offers you maximum security as it has the highest security based on the Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithm.

* Little or no transaction fee: CREDITS platform also offers the little or no transaction fee feature as it charges only $0.00001 for every transaction from 0.00014 CS.

* Adding to the aforementioned features, the CREDITS platform is capable of processing up to 1 million transactions per second!

Summarily, the CS (CREDITS) cryptocurrency is priced at $0.07 and has a 24-hour volume worth $424,924. It is ranked as the 178th cryptocurrency and has over 20,000 holders. In addition to that, it is listed in over 10 exchanges. With over 300,000 followers on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Reddit and Bitcointalk, CREDITS offers a very extensive list of custom-made blockchain-based products aimed at making interaction with the platform easy and secure.

It is really heartwarming to see a unique platform which offers amazing features like credits. Thanks to the Credits platform!!!

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