Why Do Developers Run Macs?
Cory House

I know this is an old article but still wanted to give my opinion on it.

I am both a web/software developer and I have a Macbook Pro, Windows desktop and a Linux pc at work. The reason I use my Macbook Pro most is because Mac OS just works and is a nice medium for Linux development.

I don’t really use any “Microsoft Languages” and even if I did C# works on Mac with Visual Studio.

I don’t have to deal with any of those horrible Windows updates, slow pc after 3 years, completely dropped OS support (windows 7). That’s not to say I hate Microsoft or Windows as I use my Windows desktop for gaming as its the best OS for it.

I think most of us developers now want a laptop that’s lightweight, portable, solid build quality. reliable, good battery life and will last more than 3 years. I’ve yet to find a Windows laptop that does that, whereas my 2015 13" Macbook Pro just does however it does come with that larger upfront cost.

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